Bridezilla Tries To Exclude Fiancé's 3-Year-Old From Wedding

by Valerie Williams
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This Bridezilla’s anger toward her fiancé’s daughter is highly disturbing — and Reddit noticed

Let’s make one thing clear right out the gate — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying “no kids” at a wedding. My husband and I look at weddings as date nights of sorts and taking the kids would frankly kind of kill the fun. That said, the decision to not include kids needs to be one made between both marrying parties. And if one party has a child of their own that they want to include, that’s probably something that should be allowed.

But according to this unbelievably cruel Bridezilla, maybe not.

A Reddit user found a post on Facebook from a bride so completely vile you have to read it to believe it. They write: “How do I tell my fionce I don’t want his daughter at our wedding? I put ‘no kids’ on the invites so I thought he’d get the point, but he keeps mentioning her being there??”

“??” indeed. I mean, THE NERVE that a man thought the literal most important human being in his life should be at one of the most important days of both of their lives. He’s gaining a miserable witch of a wife and his poor little girl is gaining a miserable witch of a step-mom, how fun for everyone!

Bridezilla wasn’t done there. It looks like her original post caught some heat and a few questions because she followed up her initial misspelled invective with a few more crucial details including the child’s age (three), the fact that she’s “marrying him not his crotch goblin. That’s his mistake not mine,” the little factoid that she’s “needy asf and makes everything about her AND I said no fucking kids!”

Live footage of Step-Mommy Dearest typing that out:

She concludes her shining internet moment by telling people who don’t have “anythink nice to say” (again, she’s a stellar speller) or advice to “SCROLL ON.” Not really sure what advice she’s looking for other than, “maybe don’t be such a total bitch.”

Reddit was definitely united on how to handle this situation. This wedding (and this woman) both need cancelling immediately.

I mean, a crotch goblin? I jokingly say that about my own kids but if someone else did there’d be holy heck to pay.

This terrible woman has clearly never met a toddler.

But even someone who’s not overly familiar with kids should have some love and compassion for ones she will ostensibly have a role in raising. The red flags are definitely huge.

One commenter pointed out that the groom is probably a little confused that “no kids” also includes his very own kid — understandably.

And then, folks pointed out the obvious.

She sounds like she wants nothing to do with raising a child or marrying someone who has one.

The reddest of red flags, even beyond calling the child a goblin, is her obvious annoyance that the tot would take away attention from Bridezilla herself. Run away, Groom. Run far far away.

Women like this give all the amazing and loving step-moms out there a very undeserved bad name. I’m friends with so many who not only welcome their partner’s kids from previous relationships into their lives, they love them with their entire hearts. This Bridezilla is an exception, not the rule, but we still hope very hard that her “fionce” gave this whole marriage thing a second thought — for his little girl’s sake, and his own.

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