Reddit Shuts Down Husband Who Thinks His Ill Wife Has To Cook For Him

by Christina Marfice

Ask Reddit an obvious question and you just might get an obvious answer

The “Am I the Asshole” sub on Reddit is filled with gems of delusional people wondering if their delusional behavior is, in fact, delusional (and often fighting back once the internet tells them, resoundingly, that they’re delusional). But a new post from over the weekend might just take the whole delusional cake after a husband asked the internet to tell him if he was an asshole for throwing a giant fit because his sick wife didn’t want to make him dinner. Yes, really. And yes, he was serious.

We’ll go over the highlights, but here’s the whole Reddit post, which is worth a read, even though it’s on the lengthy side.

So, the synopsis: This guy is a longtime vegetarian, and his wife is not. Generally, his wife makes two meals — one vegetarian version for him, and one non-vegetarian version for herself. She’s sick, though, and the weather has been crappy, and she wants to make her favorite comfort food: a labor intensive bolognese (meat sauce for pasta). And her husband threw a giant fit about that, wanting to know where his dinner was going to come from.

“I asked her then what she was going to make for me if she was going to make this big elaborate meal for herself, and she got defensive and said ‘you can’t cook for yourself tonight?’ in a rude tone,” he wrote. “I argued calmly that I felt like I was being cheated out of a nice meal of her incredible cooking, and I didn’t think it was cool for her to ask me to dedicate this money of our budget to a meal that was going to only be for her. She said she would pay extra for the ingredients, but I told her that wasn’t the point.”

Hoo boy. This one is a doozy, even for a Reddit sub that is often filled with doozies.

Obviously, the husband is the asshole here, and Reddit didn’t hold back from telling him that.

While there’s usually some back-and-forth on these kinds of posts, Reddit was basically unanimous on this one: This guy is an asshole. But did he accept his judgment and go apologize to his wife by cooking her a big pot of super fancy bolognese? Oh no. No he did not.

Instead, he edited his original post to add this: “I am seeing what you guys are saying, I should probably apologize to her, but is it not at least a little esh?”

In this Reddit sub’s lingo, ESH stands for “everyone sucks here,” so while he’s accepting that he sucks, he came back to ask the internet, “hold on, doesn’t my sick wife suck too?”

And Reddit delivered on that, too.

On the internet, cooler heads don’t always prevail. In this case, thankfully for this guy’s poor wife, they did, and we can only hope this was the wakeup call he needed to stop treating her like his mother.