Screw Flowers, THIS Is The Kind Of Bouquet Women Want For Valentine's Day

by Cassandra Stone
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Hold the real flowers this year, okay? This is what we REALLY want

Flowers are nice, sure, but they die. And before they die, they wilt. And we have to clean them up and wash the vase and ugh, it’s just another thing we have to deal with instead of a romantic gesture.

But chocolate? Chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving and is literally always welcome — especially in the form of this amazing Reese’s bouquet.

Walmart has apparently synced up with our period calendars and Valentine’s Day this year by offering this Reese’s Extravaganza Bouquet. And my God, would you just look at it? It’s breathtaking and now I’m mentally redoing all of my wedding flowers because can you imagine reception tables covered in these babies? Forget flowers. We want candy — all of it. We want it now.

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This peanut butter and chocolate-filled amazingness comes complete with 36 full-size peanut butter cups. THIRTY-SIX. That should last us a good three days or so, right? Plus, it actually comes with some lovely flowers! Just not the kind that require any upkeep whatsoever (they’re fake), so you can shove that Reese’s goodness in your mouth and still admire some flowers at the same time — all while knowing you don’t have to clean up a single dang thing.

The Reese’s Extravaganza Bouquet is currently priced at the (very fair, in my opinion) amount of $44.99 and can literally be picked up at any Walmart right away, so hello, convenience. Speaking of convenience, since no part of this magical gift can die, these bouquets can be purchased well in advance of Valentine’s Day, so no more last-minute fellas at the grocery store buying whatever hideous arrangements are left at 5pm on February 14th.

If Reese’s peanut butter cups aren’t your thing, or your significant other’s thing (in which case, what kind of monsters are we dealing with here?!), Walmart also offers other candy versions of these stunning symbols of everlasting love.

Behold, this very elegant Twizzlers Candy Bouquet:

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And this beauteous KitKat bouquet:

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And the playful M&Ms bouquet — with peanut and plain, respectively:

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So please, hold the real flowers this Valentine’s Day, because flowers die and candy is delicious. Give us the chocolate, sugary, endless goodness we need and deserve.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I refuse to wait for my husband to buy this (mostly because I don’t want to share) and I’ll be buying the Reese’s one for myself. Feel free to join — there are no rules stopping us.