Vending Machine Lets You Swap Crappy Halloween Candy For Reese's

by Christina Marfice
Images via Reese's / Twitter

Reese’s is making sure Halloween hauls include more peanut buttery goodness

Reese’s is the undisputed king of Halloween candy. Anyone who says otherwise can fight me. As a kid, I would carefully eat every other candy I collected before touching my PB cup stash, hoarding them to eat last so I could savor their peanut buttery goodness. But today’s children will know nothing of my struggle, because Reese’s has solved this problem.

The candy company has a vending machine in New York where trick-or-treaters can dump in their low-rent, inferior candy, and peanut butter cups will pop out to replace it. Praise be to the candy gods. This is the best news since science decided chocolate is good for us.

Reese’s announced this genius, innovative creation on social media with a video, correctly proclaiming that “disappointment goes in” before delicious, sweet-and-salty PB cups come out. Indignant people are shown tossing their trash candy into the machine, and then wildly cheering when they get the good stuff in return, which is exactly how we imagine this plays out in real life.

The only bad news is that there’s only one of these machines, and it will be placed on Fifth Avenue in New York City. If you don’t live there, well, better luck next year. Maybe we should spend the next 364 days campaigning for a Reese’s-dispensing candy swapper in every town in America — nay, every town on the planet. Sign our forthcoming petition.

While humans tend to fear change and this kind of innovation typically isn’t immediately popular, peanut butter is apparently the glue that holds humanity together, because tons of people are here. For. This. (And just sharing their general love for Reese’s).

If you’re not a peanut butter fan (or, God forbid, you’re allergic, you poor thing), you can have the reject candy that gets tossed into this thing. The rest of us, AKA the population of the world with correct candy opinions, will be kicking back to enjoy the perfect Reese’s-to-inferior-candy ratio: 100% peanut butter cups. Happy Halloween indeed.