Author Is Venmo'ing Thousands Of $200 Cash Payments To Anyone That Needs It

by Madison Vanderberg
Frederick Joseph / Twitter

Author Frederick Joseph’s is transferring $200 directly to people’s cash app accounts for his “rent relief” program

As unemployment offices are overwhelmed and some coronavirus stimulus checks are delayed, it may feel like there are very few options for out of work Americans, who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. For those who can help, many are donating to large charities, which is awesome, but others have decided to cut right through the red tape and hand cash out directly to any American that needs it. Regular people and celebs are handing out cash on social media left and right, if you know where to find it, but for author Frederick Joseph, he’s turned his social media #RentRelief cash infusion plan into a well-oiled machine, raising nearly $300K to be distributed in $200 payments to whoever could use $200 right now.

Joseph’s plan is simple. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram and leave a comment on why a $200 cash payment would help out. Then, he’ll send the cash directly to your PayPal, Venmo, or other cash app. Joseph has a team combing through the comments, ensuring the social media accounts are real, and transferring the funds. Obviously, they can’t help everyone, but for the average American that just needs a little boost, Joseph’s charitable drive is a welcome option.

Joseph says on the GoFundMe that his program is for the person who is “short a few hundred bucks and can’t make rent, [has] an unexpected bill, or [is] in a jam because your hours were cut or you lost or your job.”

As of April 17, 2020, he’s doled out $200,000 to 1,000 individuals and still has $100k left thanks to charitable donations to the GoFundMe from strangers. The max grant is $200 per person and this goes without saying, but Joseph does not take a dime from the GoFundMe donations, he’s only the facilitator.

No charitable organization is 100% free from flaws and Joseph method of finding payment recipients is random, but he’s doing the best he can, telling People magazine, “It’s kind of hell on earth [choosing] because for every one person that you’re giving to, there are a thousand others who aren’t getting.”

Everyone is doing what they can during these trying times and folks like Joseph are just doing their part to soften the blow the best they can. If you are in a position to donate, check out the Rent Relief GoFundMe here.