by Scary Mommy
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This year, instead of making New Year’s resolutions I’m bound to break within 48 hours like eating less, swearing less or spending less time on the computer, I’ve decided to make a couple of resolutions that I might actually be able to keep.



First, I resolve to expect less from myself.

2012 was the most exciting year of my life, but it was also the hardest. Instead of enjoying the milestones and achievements, I spent months comparing myself to people who were reaching bigger milestones and achieving more. Nothing I did was ever good enough because I was too busy trying to top myself.

This year, I’m aiming lower. I don’t have to write the most successful book or have the biggest tour or get the most reviews. What I do have to do? Chill out. Enjoy it. Lighten the hell up. Where the book is concerned, but everywhere else as well.

I also want to master the fine art of saying “no”.

No, I can’t rearrange my schedule to help out at school at the last minute. No, I don’t have time to chair that board that I really do care about. No, I can’t arrange for a babysitter just to schedule a call when it’s convenient for someone else.

If something simply doesn’t work for me, for whatever reason, I resolve to say no without apologizing 500 times times and then caving and doing it anyway.

No. I can do that.

Just, no.

Go easier on myself and know my limits. Shouldn’t be all that hard.

Plus, drink more water, of course.

I’ve got to allow some room for failure.

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