Retro Games To Put Under The Tree That You'll Love Playing With Too

by Team Scary Mommy
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This year, let’s get back to the classics. Time to kick Fortnight to the curb because we’re going old school and getting back to playing games that don’t involve any in-app purchases or make us motion sick when the kids are like, “Look, mom!” We want games the whole family can play, so we’re putting these guys under the tree this year.


This game is super fun, and since the most recent (seriously dumb yet enjoyable) new movie version your kids won’t even be mad about it. Plus you get to yell JUMANJI a whole lot, so winning!

Mosunx Magic Flow Rings Energy

Technically this is a new thing, but it’s SO COOL and has a total retro vibe. It’s like a Slinky for your wrist, and it’s utterly soothing to let it roll up and down your arm. Because these are stressful times, ya know.

Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game

Monopoly is retro, and Game of Thrones is awesome. What’s not to love? This Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game is so much fun you’ll probably die (because in Game of Thrones, everyone does). Save this one for the older kids, though.


Want to sneak in some math with your kids? Get them hooked on Yahtzee. Of course, you’ll also teach them about poker hands too but nothing’s perfect. Don’t forget to grab the extra Yahtzee score sheets, too.

Retro Series Sorry! 1958 Edition

This is the only board game where you get to sarcastically yell, “SORRY!” as you beat the pants off your family. And this Retro Series Sorry! 1958 Edition of the game is sleek and fun. You gotta love that space age design!

Classic Game of Jacks

A classic on playgrounds since they were invented, the Classic Game of Jacks is just the thing to get down on the floor and play with your kids when they try the line, “But video games help hand-eye coordination!” Because they will learn how wrong they are.

Guess Who? Game

Who doesn’t love playing this game? So simple and easy to learn. Or so we’ve heard. This 1988 retro series game is seriously fun for all ages.

Jenga Giant

This game is always a blast, but when it gets to be four feet tall? SO MUCH FUN. If you don’t want the Jenga Giant version, feast your eyes on this gorgeous Jenga premium hardwood version. Of you can just grab the regular version, of course. They are all a blast.

Classic Wood Pinball-Style Baseball Game

Pinball. Baseball. WOOD. Seriously, what’s not to love about this game? And this Classic Wood Pinball-Style Baseball Game is so perfect for the baseball freak in your life who doesn’t need another team shirt.

Tetris Effect

Yes, this is a video game but it’s a classic 80s game! And not only is Tetris Effect a super fun way to play a classic, it’s also available in VIRTUAL REALITY. How much fun would that be?

This year is going to be ALL about family game night, and we can’t wait to play these fun games with our kids. Happy holidays!

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