The 'RHOC' Reunion Wrapped Up With A Vicki Gunvalson Meltdown

by Kristine Cannon
Vicki Season 14 RHOC reunion

“You do not want to miss part 3 of the #RHOC reunion tonight,” host Andy Cohen tweeted hours before the episode aired on Dec. 26 — and he did not exaggerate. The last part of the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 reunion was bonkers — and it was all thanks to Vicki Gunvalson, the cast member whose not only been on the show since day one, but the cast member who was also demoted as a “friend of” for the entirety of Season 14.

Leading up to tonight’s anticipated — and heavily teased — episode, it was widely reported by many sites that Vicki will return, orange in hand, to RHOC Season 15 as a full-time cast member next season. But after watching part three of the reunion, it looked like she had anything but a positive relationship with the producers, let alone Andy.

“If you don’t want to be on the show, you don’t have to stay on the show,” Andy told Vicki during the first quarter of the episode. And when the segment ended and Vicki walked off stage, Gina Kirschenheiter could be heard saying with a laugh, “Bye, Queen Victoria.” And having to leave the stage earlier than the rest of the women clearly consumed Vicki and sent her into a rage blackout.

“Why am I getting off the show?” she asked a producer, who responded very matter-of-factly, “It was the end of the segment.” “I’m like a lap dog,” Vicki snapped.

But that was only the start of Hurricane Vicki, who would go on to bark backstage — from “it pisses me off, that Brauwnyn; it bugs me,” and “they can go fuck themselves,” to “they’re cheering at the every end as they get me off,” and “I started this before you were there, before you were there. I’m a longer friend than anyone. I don’t think I’m just a friend.”

Brauwnyn wasn’t afraid to speak her mind during this episode, either, telling the other women and Andy as Vicki walked backstage, “I’ve never met anyone so self-righteous in my entire life.”

“We needed to elevate this cast. I’m embarrassed by it,” Vicki then tells her fiancé, Steve Lodge, in her dressing room. And then she catches sight of the cameraman behind the door, screaming, “Really? Fuck off!” Vicki’s grand finale? She slams the door.

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The only thing possibly better than Vicki’s meltdown is RHOC viewers’ reactions to it on Twitter.

The second Vicki’s rampage aired, viewers were quick to join in on the “Goodbye, Vicki” chorus:

So, will Vicki actually return full-time to the show? Bravo has yet to confirm the rumors, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for updates during the hiatus. But, come on, how could she possibly return after what we just witnessed?