Dorinda And Tinsley Kick Off 'RHONY' Season 12 With A Vicious Fight

Dorinda And Tinsley Kick Off ‘RHONY’ Season 12 With A Vicious Fight

April 2, 2020 Updated April 3, 2020

The Real Housewives of New York City – Season 12
Heidi Gutman/Bravo

From Ramona’s dramatic monologue to Dorinda and Tinsley’s rooftop argument, the ‘RHONY’ premiere did not disappoint

The Real Housewives of New York City is finally back, and the show wasted no time dishing out the one-liners — and the drama.

The Season 12 premiere kicked off immediately addressing fan-favorite Bethenny Frankel’s exit from the show. And, well, the rest of the RHONY cast couldn’t care less — except for Sonja Morgan, who felt “abandoned” by Bethenny leaving.

“I don’t even want to acknowledge it. It’s so stupid,” Ramona Singer said in a talking head.

“As they say in broadway: The show must go on — without you,” said Luann de Lesseps who ties for best tagline this season with new housewife Leah McSweeney, a born-and-bred New Yorker; mother of 12-year-old, Keir; and the owner of streetwear brand for women, Married to the Mob. But we’ll talk more about this great addition to the cast later.

First, this season’s taglines:

Dorinda Medley: “I’m not always right! But I’m never wrong…”

Sonja: “I’m no one’s accessory. I’m the whole lifestyle brand.”

Ramona Singer: “I don’t need to buy love. I love myself.”

Leah: “I may float like a butterfly, but I sting like a bitch.”

Tinsley Mortimer: “Life isn’t a fairytale, but I’m hoping mine’s the exception.”

Luann: “Raise the curtain, lower the lights, I’m taking centerstage in my life.”

After watching Luanne’s emotional exit from court, signaling the end of her probation journey, and Sonja immediately confronting Luann about her entitled behavior last season (great timing, Son), we meet boxing gloves-donning Leah, who’s introduced as Tinsley’s friend, at a boxing facility (hence the tagline) where we’re also introduced to a menacing boxing instructor who gives us Game of Thrones Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane vibes.

Tinsley reveals she’s dating a guy, Bruce (not Scott), but what’s really caught our attention is Leah talking about her relationship with her daughter, Keir.

“I don’t know any other mother-daughters that have what we have. We’re best friends, we’re mother-daughter, we’re soul-mates, we’re life partners. I don’t know if that’s healthy or not, but that’s how it is,” said Leah, who we also learn doesn’t mix well with alcohol. Foreshadowing much, Bravo?