Professionals Take Turns Shredding Man Who Insults 'Women With Abs'

by Christina Marfice

Oh look, a man on the internet has an opinion about women’s bodies. Ladies, better stop working on your abs to please him

Another day, another man on the internet policing women’s bodies and spewing opinions about women that are, frankly, a pile of hot, steaming garbage. Someone named Richard Cooper posted online that he doesn’t think “ripped abs” on women are attractive, and better stop those crunches now, ladies, because as you know, your job here on Earth is to exist to random internet men’s exacting standards for your body and behavior.

“Why do women train for ripped abs? It’s because they want to look like men; truthfully it’s gross,” Richard wrote, but oh, it gets worse. God, does it get worse.

“Lips, tits & hips,” he continued. “Men are simple, we want the classic beauty of a feminine hourglass shape. At no time in history did men ever want women with ripped abs.”

Cooper felt so strongly about this analysis of his that even as the burns started rolling into the replies section, he didn’t delete it. You know, so it could reach as many women as possible and let them know that they need to stop working out right away. We need to take heed, ladies! According to Richard, at no time in history has it been acceptable for us to have rockin’ six-pack abs. Though, that doesn’t actually sound quite right. If only we had some sort of history expert to help us out with this.

Oh, wait.

And, uh, actually, in case anyone (Richard) needed some more expertise, an astronomer decided to weigh in, as well.

Actually, as it turns out, Richard isn’t the only person who has opinions about women’s abs. The only difference is most other people’s opinions range from “Women who are strong are super hot” to “Even if it’s not my cup of tea, women can do whatever they damn well please.” For Richard’s reference, that is the correct range of feelings on this topic.

But you know what else people on the internet have opinions on? Richard. And in droves, they started showing up to share what they thought about him.

People from all kinds of industries stopped by to weigh in on Richard and his garbage opinions about women’s abs.

It actually wasn’t long at all before Richard was kind of the laughingstock of the internet. But don’t worry, women have theories about why that is.

At the end of the day, no woman on Earth is losing sleep over what this absolute tool thinks of her body. In fact, his dislike of ripped abs might be a great motivator for some core workouts today.

And as for Richard, well, we hope he learned a valuable lesson this week about policing women’s bodies and why that’s simply never acceptible. We doubt it, but we hope anyway.