Fashion Photographer Snaps Abandoned Dogs To Help Them Find ‘Forever Homes’

Fashion Photographer Snaps Abandoned Dogs To Help Them Find ‘Forever Homes’

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Fashion photographer turns his sharp eye to abandoned dogs in effort to save them.

We’re all used to seeing those heartbreaking ASPCA commercials, where Sarah McLachlan plaintively requests our help as images of sick and abused animals appear on the screen. Even if you want to help, you may be too busy weeping to manage it. Which is why Richard Phibbs’ methods may be more effective.

Since 2012, Phibbs has been putting his training as a fashion photographer to work for abandoned animals, taking adorable portraits of them for the Humane Society of New York in an attempt to help find them their “forever homes.”

A story on Bored Panda explores Phibbs’ new book, “Rescue Me,” which features many of his photographs of dogs looking to be adopted.

The book also includes background on the pups featured in the portraits, from the poor animal’s history of rejection and mistreatment, all the way up to happiness and redemption upon being adopted and finally landing in a home where they’re loved and treasured, as man’s best friend deserves.

Who could ever want to hurt these adorable faces?

This sweet special dog is homeless. Of the hundreds of dogs I have photographed there are a few that have deeply touched my heart. This is one of them. Christopher is a 12-year-old toy poodle whose history we are not quite sure of but what we do know is that he has been severely neglected. The good news is that he is now in the loving arms of the angels of the HSNY. He is blind and deaf and had to have one eye removed due to an untreated infection. He is just now beginning to put on weight. What is so inspiring and moving about Christopher is the love and light that this beautiful being radiates. To be in his presence feels like a special honor. The inspiring president of the HSNY, Virginia Chipurnoi, when speaking about Christopher says “…that sweet boy…so from another world.” To meet Christopher contact @humanesocietyny #adoptdontshop #bekindtoanimals #RescueMeTheBook “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched–they must be felt with the heart.”–Helen Keller

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Rescue dog Finn celebrates the new beautiful life of rescue dog Chelsea. A homeless man found her and realized she was very sick and brought her to the @humanesocietyny With so many scars and unexplained slashes on her head and body it all suggests she was used as a “bait dog”, a defenseless chained dog set upon by game dogs as part of a dogfight. After extensive treatment from the HSNY, Chelsea regained her outgoing, playful personality. She now has a new beautiful life. She was adopted by a couple that love and adore and treasure her. The happy family now live in Toronto. This dog deeply touched my heart. Even though she has suffered greatly and has seen real darkness …what was remarkable and inspiring was how she radiated only gentleness and love. Read more about Chelsea and other stories of hope in the new book “Rescue Me”. Available everywhere. #rescuemethebook #adoptdontshop #bekindtoanimals

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On his Instagram page, Phibbs describes himself as an animal advocate, and looking at his gorgeous photos, it’s clear to see how much he cares for them. It’s a beautiful example of how to leverage your skill and talent in a unique, meaningful way.

Phibbs spends his days taking photos of celebrities and models, and he’s very, very good at it, but on the side, he turns his gifts to disadvantaged animals, all for charity. One look at these photos and it’s pretty clear where his heart lies.

Rescued/ADOPTED. One of the sweetest and happiest dogs in the world was found isolated and tied to a tree in a back alley outside of Tulum,Mexico. She was malnourished and sick and after several negotiations with her owner she was rescued . For the next six weeks she was in the medical care of an angel of a vet in Tulum Once she was strong enough to be vaccinated and had enough chemotherapy to to dissolve a growth in her reproductive system she was escorted to nyc. So many people have helped Cosita on her journey. Dozens of loving and caring people. Yesterday Cosita left her residency at the The Humane Society of New York and went to her forever home. We wanted a very special home for Cosita where she would never be alone, a place where she could feel safe and feel loved, and where she could be the only dog in the house so she would be the focus of so much love and attention for the rest of her life. This was realized. This is a story where the kind forces of many people turned utter darkness into a big bright light. Cosita now lives on the upper East side of NYC with a family that loves and adores her. Special thanks to all of the angels @humanesocietyny @alfiwalls @therecipegrinder @harriganlola @greenisgood_ @andy_churchill_ @trephoto @maxdworkin @olafderlig @theredfoxxx @teddy3399 @chika_kobari @melodybrynner @jordanshipenberg

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This is a story of hope. In a small town 30 minutes from Tulum, Mexico this sweet, gentle, and loving dog was chained to a tree in a back alley where she could only stand and sleep amongst garbage, metal parts, and her own feces. She was nowhere near any human contact… Isolated and alone. Because of the actions and hard work of many people she is now in the care of one of the best vets in Tulum where she is recovering. She is very skinny, covered in ticks, has parasites, and has the signs of having had a litter or two of puppies in her few years of life. She also has a benign tumor in her reproductive organs that is pushing on her bladder bringing her much discomfort. She also has scar tissue on her neck from a collar that was too tight. She is too weak and anemic to be given a vaccination so once she is strong enough to be vaccinated she will be flown to New York City and will likely become a resident of the Humane Society of New York until she has found the most loving and wonderful forever home. Special thanks to @greenisgood_ @chapagreen for negotiating her release, and @harriganlola #Robin @olafsven #Robin2 @trephoto @maxdworkin @theredfoxxx It was the most incredible feeling when we were able to unhook her chain and put her in our car. We had taken her out of a hell. She fit in with us instantly and was so comfortable and exhausted, that she put her head down on the car seat and fell right to sleep. To see her hours later, all cleaned up and smelling like lilies, surrounded by our loving crew, as she lay on the soft cushion of a lounge chair, on a beautiful beach that she had never seen,as the sun set, was an incredibly powerful moment. This is a story of hope and love where it is easy for one to see the beauty and magic of life. Her name is Cosita (“little thing” in Spainish). She is the prettiest little girl and the biggest sweetheart and her tail has not stopped wagging since… thanks @trephoto for the picture.

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Phibbs not only volunteers for the Humane Society of New York , he’s on the board. He was also voted to the RODALE 100, the definitive list of 100 people and organizations positively changing the world.

Oh, and though he has taken portraits of more than 100 dogs over the years, it’s not just dogs.

Kudos to Phibbs for using his talent for the greater good of animals. And for making them look fabulous in the process.