Rihanna Has Skinny Eyebrows On The September Cover Of Vogue

Rihanna Is Trying To Bring Back Skinny Eyebrows And No One Is Having It

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Image via Rihanna / Vogue

Rihanna is like a living style Bible, but embracing skinny eyebrows is taking things too far

Some people in this world just have a certain amount of influence over our style choices. One of those people is Rihanna. In Rihanna We Trust™. Except Rihanna’s power has clearly been her undoing. Rihanna has flown too close to the sun. Rihanna has embraced skinny eyebrows, and no, we’re not OK.

Without saying a single word, RiRi made her decree.

On Instagram, she posted her September cover of Vogue. Draped in flowers, sporting a high-gloss, vampy  dark lip, she looks glorious. Except for one little major detail: her brows. They are pencil-thin, like spider legs affixed to her face. Somewhere in the distance, a Furby’s high-pitched laugh rings out, because the worst parts of the ’90s are apparently back to haunt us. What’s next, Rihanna? Frosted tips? Chunky highlights? God forbid, low rise jeans?!

Hold me.

As it should be, the entire internet is *shewk* over this news.