The Rock Sings 'You're Welcome' With Daughter Who 'Has No Idea' He's Maui

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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The Rock’s little girl has no clue her dad is Maui from “Moana

One day, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s 2-year-old daughter Tiana is going to grow up and learn her dad is the guy who played Maui in Moana, but today is not that day. Which is okay, because watching The Rock sing along to “You’re Welcome” as a way to pass the time during quarantine is one of the most adorable things we’ve seen this week. And celebs are spending plenty of time on social media with their kids, so that’s saying a lot.

The dad posted the video to Instagram yesterday, along with an all-too relatable caption. He wrote, “And for the 937th time today she wants daddy to sing along with Maui. She has no idea we’re the same person. And I have no idea what day it is anymore, but I am sure it’s not one that ends with a Y. To all the mama and papa bears out there going thru it – we understand. 24hr parenting. Get your sleep and cocktails when you can.”

If your kids have been begging you to sing along to their favorite movie of the moment (whether that’s Frozen, Trolls, or some other flick with an annoyingly catchy soundtrack), be thankful that, at the very least, you weren’t literally the person singing the songs for it.

If you haven’t seen Moana yet, you probably should: The Rock plays the lovable Polynesian demigod who’s able to shape shift into anything he wants. Also, it’s just a really good movie, I swear. The actor and his daughter actually have a very special connection to Maui: Back in 2017, The Rock tweeted that his Moana character was inspired by his own grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia of Samoa. Peter Maivia (also known as Fanene Leifi Pita Maivia) was a famous wrestler part of the Anoa’i family (who were basically wrestling royalty).

No wonder The Rock is cool with singing “You’re Welcome” non-stop (even if he pretends that he’s over it). Earlier this month, the superdad posted a video on Instagram that showed him teaching Tiana the proper way to wash her hands. It turns out, the rap portion of “You’re Welcome” is perfectly timed to how long you’re supposed to wash your hands to make sure they’re germ-free. Entertain your kiddos and teach them how to properly kill bacteria? Why not?

If you want to incorporate “You’re Welcome” in your hand-washing lessons, or just want to listen for fun (what else do you have going on, right?), here’s the full song from Moana:

It’s good, right? If The Rock wants to sing “You’re Welcome” to us for the 938th time, we would be totally fine with that.

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