Romeo And Juliet Babies Get The ‘Star Crossed’ Photoshoot They Deserve

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Cassie Clayshulte Photography

These photos are everything

Last week, we heard about “star-crossed” infants Romeo and Juliet, born hours apart in the same hospital to rival families (OK, I made the rival part up, couldn’t help myself) and ending up in nursery cribs right next to each other. What are the chances?

We’re guessing about one in 12 zillion, and their parents seem to realize how special it is too as only days after birth, they gave the baby couple the most adorable photoshoot. Hopefully, the first of many, because we’re shipping them so hard.

Before we see these heart-achingly sweet photos, a little history. According to ABC News, the babies both had their names determined months before birth, making their story even more incredible. Had one set of parents inspired the other in a hospital waiting room it would be one thing — but this tale was written in the stars, ya’ll.

Image via Cassie Clayshulte Photography

Christiana Shifflett says little Juliet’s name was inspired by a TV character. “We wanted a J name to go with our son’s name, Jonas. We picked Juliet because we were watching the TV show ‘Psych’ and the character’s name is Jules,” she explains.

Romeo’s parents, Morgan and Edwin Hernandez, also chose his name in advance. “It’s funny because we didn’t even name him Romeo after Shakespeare,” says Morgan. “We named him after a singer named Romeo Santos that my husband and I both love.”

It’s safe to say the South Carolina parents never saw this coming. We’re hoping they look into changing their last names to Capulet and Montague, but until then, feast your eyes on this totally out-of-control cuteness.

Image via Cassie Clayshulte Photography

Ohmygod. It’s almost too much to bear. Cassie Clayshulte, of Cassie Clayshulte Photography, took the first photos of the infants in the hospital and also did the honors for their joint session. “We already discussed that if they get married I get to shoot the wedding and their engagement photos,” she says.

Yes, please let that happen, say the rest of us with literal hearts in our eyes.

Image via Cassie Clayshulte Photography

Clayshulte tells Scary Mommy, “I had been thinking about it since their first photo was taken in the hospital but I wasn’t sure how to do a newborn Romeo and Juliet shoot without it looking a little bit morbid because of the way the story ends and because newborns are typically asleep for their session.”

She conceptualized the shoot and even made some of the props. “The book was something I already had in my home and the outfits were part of my prop collection, so I just tried to put colors and textures together that gave us a Shakespearean feel. I chose a lace romper and floral crown I made for Juliet and gave Romeo’s mom a few options in muted colors and she chose this little brown romper that I made.” She made Romeo’s little gold crown too, and the result is just the cutest.

Image via Cassie Clayshulte Photography

The parents tell The Daily Mail there’s already plans in the works for a Shakespeare-themed joint first birthday party, so hopefully, this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship instead of a generations-long familial rivalry. And hopefully, they’ll share photos of the celebration, because we can’t get enough of this sweet little pair.

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