An Extremely Accurate Rosebud Motel Replica Exists (And It's Free!)

by Madison Vanderberg
Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

A flea market in Mississippi recreated the Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek with impeccable attention to detail

Since Dan and Eugene Levy brought Schitt’s Creek into our lives, fans have fallen so in love with the show that replicas of the show’s main sets have very much become ~a thing.~ Someone made a mini Rosebud Motel in front of their home in Seattle during the pandemic. A dad in Canada recreated the entire town of Schitt’s Creek using his son’s Fischer Price toys. There was even a fully shoppable Rose Apothecary recreation in New York last year. All those dupes were great, but a flea market in Mississippi just took the cake with their extremely on-point recreation of the Rosebud Motel that’s so good, Levy and co could honestly just start filming Season 7 in it.

The Lucky Rabbit, a flea market in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, decided to bring a little Schitt’s Creek to the South with their Roseburg Motel — the RoseBURG being in tribute to the town of HattiesBURG.

Though it’s miles away from the Canadian motel it’s inspired by, the Roseburg Motel is a perfect copy of the Rosebud Motel from the hit Canadian sitcom.

For reference, here’s the Rosebud Motel as it appears on the show.


And here’s the Roseburg Motel in Hattiesburg.

Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

It’s uncanny how perfectly they replicated the set. Even down to David’s black and white comforter and roller bag filled with matching monochromatic outfits and black high-top sneakers.

Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

Moira’s wall of wigs is there, too.

Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

And though they didn’t have the space to recreate all of the town of Schitt’s Creek, there’s a little homage to Cafe Tropical, because justice for Twyla.

They also included Moira’s “costume” from her starring role in “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening” and a poster for the fictitious movie.

Courtesy of The Lucky Rabbit

Per The Lucky Rabbit (via People), entry is free to take photos with the set and guests can “check-in” every Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. It will remain open until October 31, 2021, so yes, you CAN dress up like Alexis Rose and make the trek out to Mississippi for the most epic Halloween photo-op ever.

Last we checked, Schitt’s Creek has bid its final farewell. Although Dan Levy once said he’d “love” to explore a Schitt’s Creek movie, he admitted that he’s out of ideas about the Schitt’s Creek world at the moment and basically put the kibosh on any rumors about a potential movie or seventh season. So although the show may have run its course, we’ll always have Schitt’s Creek superfans to keep the spirit of the show alive.