The Photos From Baby Archie's Royal Christening Are EVERYTHING

by Cassandra Stone
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It’s the first time the general public has seen the entirety of baby Archie’s face

Oh, bless. Literally and figuratively. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (or, as we all refer to them in our real lives, Meghan and Harry) have released official photos of their son’s christening. And OMG, sweet baby Archie is EVERYTHING.

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Breaking with tradition seems to be Meghan and Harry’s thing, and honestly, who can blame them? It’s entirely appropriate and understandable that the two of them would want to raise their son as normally and privately as possible. For the christening, they chose to exclude the press in an official capacity and release photos taken by a photographer of their choice instead.

“This morning, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was christened in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle at an intimate service officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby,” the caption reads.

Instagram/Sussex Royal

Though the christening was kept private, as are the identities of Archie’s godparents, the proud parents share their joy and gratitude with the public in their official message: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are so happy to share the joy of this day with members of the public who have been incredibly supportive since the birth of their son. They thank you for your kindness in welcoming their firstborn and celebrating this special moment.”

Another fun fact? The christening gown worn by Archie is something of a hand-me-down. It was commissioned by Queen Victoria in 1841, was worn by Queen Elizabeth herself, all of her children, and all of her grandchildren. A replica was made in 2004 (because come on, a century and a half is a long time for a piece of clothing, no matter how well-made it may be) and has been worn by Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis as well.

These christening photos mark the first time the general public has been privy to Archie’s full face (sure, we caught a glimpse on his third day of life but we all know that’s not what the baby really looks like that early on).

Though Meghan and Harry did share very sweet Father’s Day and Mother’s Day photos on their official Instagram page.

The christening message concluded on a very positive, very lovely note: “Their Royal Highnesses feel fortunate to have enjoyed this day with family and the godparents of Archie.”

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