Here’s How To Find A Rum-Spiked Dole Whip At Disney

by Valerie Williams
Image via Disney World

The rum-spiked version of a Dole Whip can be hard to find at Disney, so here’s a little help

Going to a Disney park with kids can be hard. Of course, some parents happily join in on the fun, but even if you’re an adult who enjoys all things Mouse, it’s hard to deny the soul-sucking nature of standing in lines for rides in hot weather while your kids whine and other people’s kids whine. Which is why we’re going to provide you with information on finding rum-spiked Dole Whips.

Because Disney truly is the happiest place on earth for kids of all ages.

So, the rum-spiked version of this creamy treat is definitely not new, but it’s historically tough to track down. But learning the ways of this refreshing (and blessedly alcoholic) beverage is very rewarding.

Dole created the pineapple-flavored soft serve exclusively for Disney, according to the Dole Soft Serve blog. Dole began sponsoring the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland in 1976, and at some point in the 1980s, the Dole Whip was born. Then, in the last few years, the boozy version blessed tired parents everywhere with its arrival at a few select locations at Disney parks.

In Anaheim, the treat is only available at Disneyland Hotel’s The Coffee House.

In the Orlando park, there are a few options. It can be found at Tamu Tamu Refreshments, which is in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom.

At EPCOT, the drink is available during the Flower and Garden Festival in a magical spot called the Pineapple Promenade booth. The Disney Food Blog says this year’s version had Parrot Bay Coconut Rum. More like Parrot Bay Coconut Yum, am I right? Sorry, I’ll see myself out.

The drink tries hiding from us by using a different name, but we’re not fooled — Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace in the Polynesian Village Resort offers the Spikey Pineapple that has Barbancourt Pango Rhum blended with glorious pineapple soft serve. It’s also available indoors at Sam’s Grog Grotto.

And as Disney Food Blog so helpfully points out, Grandstand Spirits at The All-Star Sports Resort also has a version of the adult Dole Whip that doesn’t go by that exact name, but is basically the same thing — Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum mixed with a glorious pineapple smoothie. They call it the Halfpipe. I call it the Yes. Please.

So now you know how to get the tropically-tinged alcoholic delight that is a rum-soaked Dole Whip. You’re welcome.