Run like Hell

by Scary Mommy
Originally Published: 

When both your mother and babysitter suggest that you and your husband leave the kids and check into a hotel for the night what do you do?

You run.

You run so fast to your mom’s house that you forget diapers and wipes for your son.So fast that you pack long sleeved pajamas for your daughter, forgetting that a) her arm is in a cast and b) it’s hotter than hell. So fast that you forget to pack make-up because you are so used to not wearing any. So fast that you neglect to leave any instructions on caring for the dog. You practically leave skid marks as you dart away.

You have a delicious dinner, the best night’s sleep in months and enjoy actual conversation. And then you run to get home to them. Because you don’t feel whole anymore without them.

And then you remember why you needed a break.

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