Dad Posts Video Of Son Running To School In The Rain As Punishment For Bullying

by Valerie Williams
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A dad shared video of his son running in the rain as punishment for bullying kids on the bus

Hey parents, did you know there’s a whole bunch of fellow moms and dads who think that if you’re not willing to physically punish and publicly humiliate your child that they’ll grow up to be a wussy, disrespectful snowflake? That’s a lesson I just learned after scrolling comments on a viral video of a little boy being made to run to school in the rain as punishment for bullying other students on the bus.

In the video, it’s quickly apparent why this 10-year-old bullied his peers in the first place — he’s being raised by one. How another parent punishes their child (providing it’s not against the law) isn’t my business nor is it really my place to comment, until they put it on the internet for all to see. Oh, and gloat about what a great idea it is.

Dad Bryan Thornhill opens by explaining that his son had “finally gotten in trouble on the bus enough that he got kicked off for three days because he was being a little bully,” an offense Thornhill says he will not tolerate. He records the child running for several minutes, which is how he will get to school for the days where he’s not allowed on the bus.

“I just wanted to show everybody,” he said. “Give you a little laugh.”

So there goes all pretense that he’s trying to do anything other than let the world laugh at his child’s difficult life moment. Super cool bro. Making a public spectacle is what all the parenting pros would suggest, I’m sure.

Regardless, Thornhill is seriously patting himself on the back during the video as he extolls the virtues of making kids exercise instead of “sticking him behind a damn Xbox for the rest of their lives” and calls what he’s doing “parenting.” Please give me the confidence of a dude whose kid got booted off the bus for terrible behavior but still thinks he knows better than anyone else the right way to discipline a child.

To be clear, I don’t take issue with a quick jog as punishment. I don’t think there’s anything remotely abusive about having them do a few laps. But recording it and sharing it for all the world to see? Saying out loud that he hopes you get a laugh out of it? Show me a single child development expert in all of the land who would green-light this as a strategy for better behavior.

In the comments, some called Thornhill a bully and disapproved of his punishment. Other folks were legit baffled, however, on how else to get a child to behave if you can’t physically punish or humiliate them. No spankings? No running the streets with your dad recording it and sharing it on the internet for shits and giggles? How on EARTH do you do it?

One lamented that you can’t “beat your child’s ass” anymore. Shit. What are the options these days? I don’t know, I mean, you could try actually parenting and seeing why your son is bullying kids to begin with before making him run for the internet. Just a thought.

Also, FYI, bad parenting is apparently solely the work of liberals who are busily raising a generation of shitty snowflake kids who have no respect for others. So I guess I, a card-carrying lifelong democrat, should submit my children for some kind of scientific observation as they’ve never been in trouble at school and would never dream of bullying their peers. How did I manage it with all this crazy LIBERALISM clouding my thinking and not a single public or physical punishment on my momming record? A miracle.

Oh and we can’t forget those evil electronics. Like Thornhill said, friggin’ Xbox. How on earth have my kids and so many others never been assholes to fellow students even though there are iPads and PS4’s aplenty? There must be a glitch in the matrix. Liberal parents and access to tablets — these kids shouldn’t stand a chance according to this comments section.

This whole idea that a child who doesn’t face physical punishment or serious embarrassment will turn out to be an ill-behaved, entitled snowflake and that this generation of coddled kids is why the world is terrible is flat-out fucking ridiculous. Humiliating a child will make them angry. Angry kids are often the bullies. There’s a reason this boy was giving other children a hard time on the first place — he’s got something buried down deep inside. Maybe instead of making him do laps for the enjoyment of the internet his dad should try talking to him and seeing what’s going on. Nah. That’s not manly enough, right? Feelings are for wussies. And liberals!

At the end of the video, Thornhill has some words of wisdom. “If you’ve got your panties in a wad over watching a kid jog, I feel sorry for you. You’re probably a lousy piece of shit.”

And if you call someone who disagrees with your parenting a “lousy piece of shit,” then that’s all we need to know about it.

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