Ruth Bader Ginsburg Broke Three Ribs And The Internet Is Panicking

RBG Broke Three Ribs And The Internet’s Ready To Protect Her At All Costs

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The internet wants to pull out ALL the stops to protect RBG after she broke three ribs

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (aka RBG, aka one of our last hopes in the Supreme Court) was admitted to the hospital today after falling in her office. It turns out that she broke three of her ribs and a chunk of the internet has entered into extreme panic mode. People are even offering to donate their own body parts to her and even though we’re well-aware that that doesn’t scientifically make sense, we’ll be right there in line with them.

According to a statement from the Supreme Court, Ginsburg experienced “discomfort” after she fell in her office. The 85-year-old went to George Washington University Hospital, where it was determined that she fractured three of her ribs and she was admitted for “observation and treatment.” So, this is awful and scary in and of itself. RBG’s fans are concerned not only for the justice’s well-being but also because she’s one of four democrats in the Supreme Court, where Republicans hold the majority.

Basically, people are experiencing just a whole lot of emotions right now.