Ruth Bader Ginsburg And Stephen Colbert Worked Out Together, And It Was Pure Gold

by Thea Glassman
Image via YouTube

Ruth Bader Ginsburg + Stephen Colbert = literally the best

The Notorious RBG can do it all. She’s been fighting for women’s rights for decades, she’s still serving as Supreme Court Justice at the age of 85, and her workout routine puts all of us to shame. No, seriously, it’s even more intense than that one time you tried SoulCycle and then promptly dropped dead. Case in point: Stephen Colbert joined Ginsburg for one of her workout sessions and the whole thing was sweaty, comedy gold.

Colbert hit the gym with Ginsburg — who was wearing a “Super Diva” shirt — and learned first-hand that the Justice takes her routine very, very seriously. At first, the talk show host was a little skeptical about the whole thing (“If I had a lifetime appointment to a job that let me wear a robe, I would definitely let myself go”), but then committed himself to getting “fully ripped and exploded.” He was with the pro, after all.

First things first, RBG had NO time for Colbert’s choice of workout music (“Everybody Dance Now”) and informed him that he would need to turn it off immediately. “I would never, never exercise to that noise,” she said. Boom. Overruled.

The duo lifted weights together, hit up a few machines, and did mat work. Colbert was doing some heavy sweating — though it probably didn’t help that he was wearing both a dress shirt and tie. “I’m cramping, and I’m working out with an 85-year-old woman,” he declared.

Oh yeah, and then at one point Colbert tried to show off his muscles to Ginsburg. She seemed bemused, at best.

It wasn’t all lifting and grunting for these two, though. Colbert also covered important questions like whether or not a hot dog is considered a sandwich (Ginsburg ruled it is), and also the similarities she shares with Notorious BIG (they’re both from Brooklyn).

Pretty much the entire Twitterverse was enchanted by this whole interaction.

The moral of this story is that RBG is in insanely good shape, Colbert is a trooper, and we should all probably buy a “Super Diva” sweatshirt immediately.