Ruth Bader Ginsburg Voted Against Trump Proposal From Hospital

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Voted Against Trump’s Asylum Ban — From The Hospital

An Historic Evening with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Image via Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — long live our Queen

Proving not all heroes wear capes, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted against Trump’s proposed immigrant asylum restrictions — FROM THE HOSPITAL.

Ginsburg is literally 48 hours post-surgery, and she’s still working harder than the president.

She cast her vote directly from her hospital bed, according to Mother Jones. She’s currently recovering from surgery to remove cancerous growths discovered in her lung, just one month after suffering a fall that resulted in broken ribs.

No one can say Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t as tough as they come. She was the decisive vote in the 5-4 decision against the Trump proposal. This ruling effectively blocks the Trump administration from implementing new rules that prohibit people from seeking asylum if they cross the border to do so.

Trump initially issued the “asylum ban” in early November in direct response to the migrant caravans he used as a hot-button issue to rile up his base ahead of the mid-term elections and hasn’t really mentioned since.