6 Things Ryan Gosling Must Know Before He Stars in a Blade Runner Sequel

by Laurie Ulster
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I just heard that you’re going to be starring in the sequel to Blade Runner. You’re probably already feeling a little pressured, knowing what a cult classic the first movie has become, but you’ll do great! A lot of your fans have never seen the original, and they love you in everything, so they’ll love you in this too.

But I just want to warn you about what you’re getting into. I know you got your start on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club, and you’re Canadian, like me, so you might not be ready for the harsh realities of Blade Runner. I’ve done some reading about what the first movie was like on set, and it’s not pretty, so I just want to let you’re know what you’re getting into. Here’s some advice, based on what I, a complete outsider, know about the situation:

1. If you see Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott arguing, stay out of it. They didn’t get along very well during the shoot, and had constant arguments about the script from the very first day. I know Ridley’s not directing this time around, but he’s still producing, and they argued about the character, the script, and even the ending. All the time. When you see them together, just back away, or pretend you were on your way somewhere else.You’re an actor, so you should be able to pull it off.

2. You might want some say in who’s playing your love interest, if you can get it. Sean Young was in the original, and she and Ford disliked each other so much that the love scene they had together was referred to as “the hate scene” by the crew. You don’t want that.

3. Ask for an especially nice trailer. Shooting conditions on the first movie were awful. Pouring rain, long hours, and lots of yelling … you’ll want a nice place to relax in between takes. Maybe bring some candles.

4. Be careful of that Harrison Ford! I mean his character, Rick Deckard. He might be a replicant! But maybe he isn’t. But he could be! There are a lot of different versions of that movie floating around, and one even has a different ending, and you know…he COULD be.

5. When things get rough, find the other Canadians, and bond with them. Director Denis Villeneuve is one. He’ll be kind, and apologize for things that aren’t his fault, and then you can do the same. That’s what we do.

6. Make sure your next movie after Blade Runner takes place somewhere idyllic, like Hawaii. I have a feeling this movie’s going to be a little dark.

I hope this helps to make the shoot more pleasant. I’ll be thinking of you!

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