Ryan Reynolds Has Some Hilarious Advice For Dads In The Delivery Room

by Valerie Williams
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Ryan Reynolds shares delivery room wisdom with other dads in funny video

Newly-minted father of two Ryan Reynolds is basically our favorite celebrity dad. His adorable comments about his relationship with wife Blake Lively are swoon-worthy enough, but his thoughts on fatherhood are what really won us over. He’s at it again and this time, with his trademark sarcasm and dry sense of humor in a video full of handy advice for dads in the delivery room.

As one of 2016’s GQ Man of the Year, Reynolds is doling out priceless bits of wisdom for dads to mull over before their big moment in the delivery room. In a video for the mag, he explains a few things fathers should keep in mind as their partners give birth.

Piece of advice number one: “Be in the room. You’re not Don Draper.”

It’s definitely not 1962 anymore and assuming there are any men in 2016 still ridiculous enough to bow out of this life-changing moment, that directive is a crucial one. And his thoughts only get funnier from there.

His second rule is to be careful with the picture-taking. “I think be judicious with the photographs you take. Because a photo of your daughter crowning hanging on the refrigerator, that’s not going to help anyone.”

Of course, he says this in jest. But since cameras are now more accessible than ever thanks to smartphones, it might cloud a dad’s judgment when his wife’s legs are spread and blood, fluids, vagina and baby are all over the place. Unless she’s specifically requested photographic proof of the “crowning” moment, put your phone away, bro.

Reynolds’ third rule is really more of a warning. “So your wife will pretty much never think it’s funny or charming if you tip your imaginary top hat and say, ‘At your cervix’…don’t do that.”

Well, if Ryan Reynolds said it to us we might be good with it. Our husbands? Not so much.

He then gives dads the rundown of who matters in the delivery room starting out by reminding them they’re “pretty much the least important thing in the room.” His ranking goes: “your wife, the baby, the doctor, the nurse, the doula, if you have one, and….the air.”

Come on, Ryan. Don’t sell yourself short. Someone has to fetch the ice chips and take a halfway-decent first photo of mom and baby. But air is pretty important.

Last but not least, Reynolds encourages new dads to “stay positive.” When your partner “asks if everything’s OK down there,” respond in the affirmative but don’t yell, “better than ever.”

Excellent advice, because every mom in the world would know you’re lying.

Thanks for keeping it real and real funny, Ryan Reynolds.

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