Parkland Survivor Tweets Photos Of Herself In The Hospital To Silence Ridiculous Conspiracy Theorists

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Twitter/Sam Fuentes

Stoneman Douglas student Sam Fuentes also shares powerful images from her hospital stay

The survivors of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School have taken the country by storm with their unwavering activism. Sam Fuentes, the latest survivor to use the power of social media as a platform, shared her first tweet recently — and her impactful words won’t soon be forgotten.

Along with four photos from her hospital stay that show the severity of the injuries she sustained in the shooting, Fuentes let the world know regardless of what she’s endured, she won’t be silenced. By anyone.

“I’m a real person who faced a horrid tragedy,” she shares. “I am not a fraud or a crisis actor. I will scream my message until my lungs give out. I will not [be] silenced from your false accusations, I am a proud Stoneman Douglas student and no one will tell me different. #NeverAgain.”

Image via Twitter/Sam Fuentes

Fuentes joins several of her fellow classmates in using Twitter as a vehicle for their activism for stronger gun control legislation.

Image via Twitter/Sam Fuentes

These kids don’t have time for anyone’s thoughts or prayers — they’re here to gather enough voices and power to change our laws to ensure mass shootings stop becoming a commonplace tragedy.

Image via Twitter/Sam Fuentes

It’s beyond ridiculous these kids — fresh from enduring arguably the worst trauma of their lives thus far — have to defend themselves against conspiracy theorist idiots who accuse them of being crisis actors. CRISIS ACTORS, for fuck’s sake.

She even shared a photo of herself being loaded into an ambulance immediately after the shooting, to further silence critics.

Image via Twitter/Sam Fuentes

Luckily, Twitter users with an abundance of logic and reason have sprung forward to echo the message of Stoneman Douglas survivors.

People from all over the world are sharing their support for survivors and their classmates. One mom shared her perspective as an Australian parent — assault rifles have been banned in Australia since 1997.

These students are organizing, marching, and owning trolls left and right on Twitter and the world stage. They’re turning tragedy into action. Personally, I’m in awe of their tenacity. Their sheer determination to stand up for themselves and their beliefs in the immediate aftermath of losing their peers isn’t just inspiring; it’s inciting actual change. National retailers are enforcing stricter purchase policies for firearms, with some banning the sale of assault rifles altogether. Several companies have also ended corporate partnerships with the NRA in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

There is undeniable proof everywhere you look that what these students are doing IS WORKING.

So when naysayers spread dangerous misinformation and do their best to prevent anything productive from coming out of activist efforts, it’s fucking infuriating.

But these kids? These strong, brave, determined teenagers like Sam Fuentes aren’t here to tolerate any of that shit — they’re here to fight.

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