Former Glee Star Samantha Ware Says Lea Michele Made Her Life 'A Living Hell'

by Gina Vaynshteyn
Former Glee Star Samantha Ware Says Lea Michele Made Her Life 'A Living Hell'
Gregg DeGuire/Gary Gershoff/Getty

Former Glee co-star Samantha Ware responded to Lea Michele’s tweet about George Floyd’s death, and pointed out Michele was cruel and inhumane to her on set

Last night, former Glee star Samantha Marie Ware retweeted Lea Michele’s note of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement along with a message of her own about how the actress treated her when they were on the show together. Michele, who had starred as Rachel Berry on the popular show, had tweeted, “George Floyd did not deserve this. This was not an isolated incident and it must end #BlackLivesMatter.” In response, Ware accused Michele of making her first job in television a “living hell” and exposed the actress’ cruel and inhumane behavior toward her.

Ware, who played Jane Hayward in the show’s sixth season, wrote, “LMAO REMEMBER WHEN YOU MADE MY FIRST TELEVISON GIG A LIVING HELL?!?! CAUSE ILL NEVER FORGET. I BELIEVE YOU TOLD EVERYONE THAT IF TOU HAD THE OPPORTUNITY YOU WOULD “SHIT IN MY WIG!” AMONGST OTHER TRAUMATIC MICROAGRESSIONS THAT MADE ME QUESTION A CAREER IN HOLLYWOOD.” Since Glee, Ware has gone on to be in several other TV shows over the years, including Barry, Bull, What/If, and most recently, God Friended Me.

Several others backed up Ware on Twitter, either applauding her for speaking up about Michele’s deplorable behavior, or sharing their own experiences. “I felt every one of those capital letters,” Yvette Nicole Brown replied. Candice Patton wrote, “Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man oh man. Current state of affairs bringing up so much trauma for us.”

Ware wasn’t the only woman of color who Michele treated poorly. Others who worked with her shared their shocking stories to Twitter. Jeanté Godlock shared, “did somebody say cockroaches? because that’s what she used to refer to the background as on the set of glee. but we grow up and we don’t stay background forever sooooo…” Dabier responded by saying, “GIRL YOU WOULDNT LET ME SIT AT THE TABLE WITH THE OTHER CAST MEMBERS CAUSE “I DIDNT BELONG THERE” F**K YOU LEA.”


Michele’s original tweet now has hundreds of responses pointing out her hypocrisy. If the actress wants to fight against racial injustice and act as an ally, she’ll have to reconcile with her past actions. “How about treat black ppl in real life like humans and then your post would be appreciated,” Twitter use Tae stated.

Many people are calling on Michele to respond to Ware, which she hasn’t yet. Neither Michele nor her reps have made any kind of statement on Twitter or otherwise.