Conservatives Clutch Pearls Over Same-Sex Kiss At Macy's Parade, Internet Promptly Roasts Them

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via YouTube/NBC

They’re basically claiming same-sex kiss is ruining childhoods all across the country

A “conservative” group is facing major internet backlash for their reaction to a televised same-sex kiss — and rightfully so. During the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a number performed from the Broadway musical “The Prom” featured two women kissing, and the entire internet has a lot to say about it.

The group, called ForAmerica (because of course it is), accused Macy’s of “blindsiding parents” by airing the kiss between actresses Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla — which made history by being the first nationally televised LGBTQ kiss at the parade.

“Millions of small children just watched two girls kiss and had their innocence broken this morning.” Aside from being hyperbole of the highest order, this tweet proves that whoever wrote it has never actually spent time in the company of small children.

For one thing, if it were a man and woman kissing — no one would have batted an eye. So it’s not the “risque” nature of the kiss itself. And honestly? If any small children even noticed it at all, they’d probably file it under “All Romantic Kissing Is Yucky” and go about their business.

Naturally, the original tweet went viral because so many people couldn’t resist roasting the shit out of it. Many people were quick to point out that queer children exist, and they could have been watching and had an entirely different reaction to it.

See also: kids with LGBTQ parents, who would look at that kiss and see nothing out of the ordinary (because it isn’t).

Most people immediately pointed out the obvious — that “innocence” is subjective, and that there are plenty of other ways to “ruin” it. Like the fact that we live in a country rampant with gun violence in schools.

Speaking of “innocence,” there aren’t words to describe the inhumane torture many children are experiencing while living in cages for months on end.

The only reason why a child might be genuinely upset by this kiss is if their parents are hateful bigots who use something like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to push their homophobic rhetoric and terrify their children who just want to enjoy the day off from school and watch fun performances on TV.

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