Mom Says Essential Oils Make Her Kid 'Brave'

by Valerie Williams
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Mom claims essential oils gave her kid “courage” and these hilarious moms aren’t having it

Another day, another mom trying to shill her nonsense essential oils. Luckily, the savvy (and hilarious) moms of the Sanctimommy Facebook page are only too eager to turn the ridiculous claim into an LOL-funny comment section we can all enjoy.

“Mom! I’m too scared to go to the top! Can I have my oils?” a child at an indoor play place supposedly yelled down to her essential oil-hawking mother. “Why yes you can sweetheart! I tossed up the new Brave Kids Collection roller and she immediately applied it to her wrists, hooked it to her pants, took a deep breath and climbed to the top!”

Oh brother.

Image via Sanctimommy/Facebook

“Empowering your kids is easy, if you provide them with the right tools. DoTerra did good on this one!”

Have your eyes rolled so far back into your head as to not be recoverable? Sanctimommy captioned the screenshot, “Less expensive, same effect: write “bravery juice” on her water bottle with a sharpie.” And they’re absolutely not wrong. Of course, the comments were total perfection.

First of all, why is she not still breastfeeding? That’s the REAL bravery juice — just squirt it upward, right from the source.

I mean, I’m on a coffee/wine cycle so I can’t really judge?


Purple Tic-Tacs are pretty magical, to be fair.

It does give you wings, after all.

Just straight-up solid parenting right there.

“Mommy spent $20 so you better at least pretend you’re not afraid, sweetie.”

But…but…they’re natural!

Real talk.

Know better, do better.

In short, essential oils do nothing but smell nice. If you want to make wild claims, best be ready for the fallout from a group of funny moms who just aren’t here for it.

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