Sandra Bullock Adopts Again! Meet 3-Year-Old Laila

by Valerie Williams
Image via People

Sandra Bullock adopted a beautiful little girl and is now a parent for the second time! Already mom to son Louis, five, Bullock went through a lengthy adoption process before welcoming her daughter. She’s so open about what it took to bring her family together and despite her celebrity, it wasn’t as easy as we might think.

Bullock revealed her exciting news in an exclusive interview with People magazine. She explains that the process to bring 3-year-old Laila home was a long one, three years in total, — and initiated by Louis. “Louis spearheaded this whole journey,” she admits, while noting that the siblings now have an “inseparable” bond. She also shares that Louis had thoughts about wanting a brother or sister who looked like him. “The only thing that Louis said was, ‘I want a baby who’s brown. I want a sibling who’s brown like me.” Here’s the first photo of her new family:

Image via People

Although she happily shares the fun details, she’s also candid in describing the realities of the adoption process. “You feel it’s very much like witness protection,” says Bullock, of the time she spent fostering Laila before the adoption was final. Protecting the child’s privacy was of paramount importance and the adoption was nearly derailed by a trip to the ER before Laila was formally adopted. “Unbeknownst to me, a photographer had followed us and taken a photo of us in line.” She found out the photos were being shopped around to “every outlet around the world” which resulted in her lawyers begging the media to protect Laila and keep her safe.

We might assume a celebrity would have the easiest time adopting a child due to their financial resources, but with the nature of their jobs, Bullock reminds us it’s even more difficult. During the fostering process, kids need to be protected at all costs and privacy is crucial. Imagine trying to go about life with your foster child in tow, paparazzi nipping at your heels every step of the way. Despite those obstacles, Bullock remained committed to adopting her children, which is amazing.

Bullock shining the bright light of her celebrity on the subject of adoption can only be a good thing. Her proudly showing the world what a unique and beautiful way this is to build a family will hopefully nudge other couples considering fostering a child into meaningful action. A heartfelt congratulations to Sandra and her beautiful family!