Mom's Side-By-Side Photos Remind Women Not To Stress About Post-Baby Bods

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram

“It takes time for the body to recover after a pregnancy.”

It’s incredibly easy to blur the lines of reality when it comes to posting photos on Instagram. Simply by mastering certain angles or poses, anyone can shave off 10-15 pounds in one photo, and followers are often none the wiser. Mom and blogger Sandra Uhrdin is here to remind us that what we see in photos isn’t always what’s real.

She recently shared a side-by-side photo of herself 11 days postpartum to remind us that we shouldn’t have to stress about our post-baby bodies.

At first glance, the photos appear identical. On the left, however, Uhrdin is posing in high-waisted leggings and looks remarkably flat-stomached for someone who very recently gave birth. On the right, her leggings are pushed down and we see normal, run-of-the-mill post-partum belly. (Once you’ve seen the right side, those high-waisted leggings suddenly look super uncomfortable, don’t they?)

“It takes time for the body to recover after a pregnancy,” Uhrdin writes in the caption. “It’s important to give your body time, no one will be restored overnight.”

After enduring the siege of visitors we had in and out of house for weeks after I gave birth to my daughter, I can’t tell you how many times I noticed someone glancing at my belly area. I’m sure some of those glances were out of fascination, or done unconsciously and without any malice whatsoever. But I firmly believe people immediately beeline their gazes to our bellies post-baby to to see how quickly the baby bump disappears. Because that’s just the mindset of a majority of society, unfortunately.

While it’s evident from her Instagram account that staying fit and exercising is important to Uhrdin, it’s nice to see that her focus is on loving her post-partum body and her new baby. Everything else can wait.

“My body has given me two healthy boys and I am forever grateful,” she writes.

So are her followers, it seems, who truly appreciated that she was candid and relatable in this photo comparison:

People need to understand how the after effects of pregnancy prove to be a woman’s battle scars showing that she went to war to ensure that this baby arrived healthy, happy and whole. Thank you for this post!

Thank you for being real!

Needed this badly thank you

Amazing! We are the hardest on ourselves with no need to be! Looking incredible holding the little one you grew

Took me two years, love my enhanced curve very much.

Our bodies go through enormous changes in the 9-10 months we carry our little ones inside them. Sometimes they can go back to what the looked like pre-baby, sometimes they never do. Either way, it’s OK.