There's Tons Of Options For Virtual Santa Visits This Year

by Cassandra Stone
Tetra Images/Getty

Santa Claus doing virtual videos via Cameo is just so very, very 2020

If you’re looking for a safe way to keep the spirit of Santa Claus alive this year, fear not. Instead of waiting in line at the mall or planning a timed visit complete with masks, hand sanitizer, and seeing Santa through plexiglass, you can choose from a variety of virtual visits with the big guy to keep your kids happy while staying safe at home.

2020 holidays are, as we all know, much different than years past. And people will still rush to see Santa in person, donning full PPE and potentially putting an actor in a very vulnerable age group at risk of COVID-19 exposure. But if that’s not how you want to roll this year, you and your family can enjoy a personalized, pandemic-friendly Santa experience.

1. Cameo


The app famous for paid, personal messages from C-list celebrities and WWE wrestlers from the ’80s is now the place for Santa. There are a variety of Santas to choose from, like The Cameo Santa and Santa J. Claus (these two are Oscar-level Santas and messages from these guys range from $69-$93). There’s also an aquarium-diving Santa and some budget-friendly options (including a Santa puppet or even a message from Mrs. Claus). You can watch some of their sample videos for children before purchasing, as well as read reviews from satisfied customers. Videos are delivered in less than a week, typically, and your kids will absolutely love it.

2. Santa — The Experience

If you’re looking for a few steps beyond a personalized video, well, here you go. Not only do your kids get a five-minute video chat with Santa Claus himself, but they also get a guided virtual tour of the North Pole from Pickles the elf. Pickles takes your kids on a tour of Santa’s house, the mail room, the toy factory, the reindeer, and even pops in for a quick “hi” from Mrs. Claus.

You can book your virtual visit here — the price range varies on the time of day for your appointment and how close to Christmas you choose to book.

3. E-visit With Kris Kringle

This one offers the best of both worlds — you can choose to have a personalized video sent to your child, or you can schedule a Zoom video chat. Either way, you’re enjoying the magic of Santa from the comfort of your own home.

There are different packages to choose from, with prices ranging $28-$58.

4. Live Calls With Santa

Live Calls With Santa

This option is all Zoom, but it’s pretty cool because it allows you to invite other people to virtually join your Santa experience. So Grandma and Grandpa can get to see your little ones’ faces light up with joy as they talk to Mr. Claus if they want to join in on the call, which is pretty awesome.

Packages range from $19.95-$49.95 depending on the Santa Level you’re looking for.

5. Macy’s “Santaland At Home


The Macy’s Santa is, arguably, the most famous Santa there is. And it’s extra awesome that Macy’s knows how much people love him, and created an at-home version of Santa visits. This personalized, interactive journey through the North Pole is a fun way parents can ensure their kids get to visit Santa and take a selfie with Kris Kringle himself.

However you choose to virtually visit Santa Claus, may it bring you the cheer you deserve in 2020.