Families Surprised With R-Rated 'Sausage Party' Trailer Before 'Finding Dory'

by Maria Guido
Image via YouTube

Theatre accidentally screens R-rated Sausage Party trailer before Finding Dory

Audiences waiting to see Finding Dory were treated to an R-rated trailer they probably weren’t prepared for. A trailer for Seth Rogen’s upcoming animated film Sausage Party played ahead of the movie, to a theater full of families in Concord, California.

Here’s the green band trailer the families were shown:

And here’s the redband version that shows how freaking hilarious this movie is going to be. This one has profanity, so don’t watch it around the kids:

It starts off like your run-of-the-mill children’s animated movie: inspirational music, bright colors, adorable characters — then it takes a decidedly dark turn. The characters are all different types of food you find in a supermarket, and are thrilled when they are “chosen” to go home with people. Until they realize home means certain death.

Enter scenes of a woman chomping down on a pair of baby carrots and a potato being skinned alive.

Parents were not happy.

There are so many things I didn’t understand about parenting before I became a parent. Case in point: commercials (in this case, movie trailers). I never understood why parents freaked out so much about “age inappropriate” commercials coming on during kids’ shows. What’s the big deal, I thought. Relax, parents.

Fast-forward five years and I’m a mom to two kids, aged three and five. I get it now. I totally get it. We actually accidentally played this trailer for our kids one day — watching YouTube trailers for kid’s movies Chrome-casted on to our TV is one of their favorite things. Needless to say — we shut if off.

But I still have a sense of humor for christ’s sake, and this snafu is pretty hilarious. It’s not like they accidentally screened a trailer for The Exorcist. The most disturbing thing about this movie is that parents everywhere will be paying to see an animated movie on date night — the one night they’re supposed to be free of these things.

“Playing that trailer was a one-time honest mistake by a theater manager moving screens around in effort to accommodate several large last-minute groups wanting to see ‘Dory,'” the theater manager told the East Bay Times. He said the theater would “never schedule something like that” before a children’s feature.

Finding Dory is now playing. Sausage Party hits theaters Aug. 12.