These Savage Tweets About Couples Trolling Each Other Are The Epitome Of #RelationshipGoals

by Christine Organ
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These Savage Tweets About Couples Trolling Each Other Are The Epitome Of #RelationshipGoals
Scary Mommy and Sophia Benoit/Twitter

My husband and I have been married for more than 16 years and together for nearly 21 years. That is a long ass time, I don’t care what anyone says. There is something beautiful about spending half your life with the same person. You have inside jokes. You have secret “looks” and a special language. And you know exactly how to drive each other bonkers too.

These savage AF tweets are absolute #relationshipgoals when it comes to getting under your partner’s skin. Because what good is a relationship if you don’t have safe place to irritate the fuck out of another person? Whether you need a laugh or are looking for new ways to up your game, this twitter thread is filled with solid gold ways to troll your partner.

Because who doesn’t love an appliance that talks in a foreign language.

Or switching into a fake accent.

Or making up new pronunciations.

The pandemic has created a whole new subset of “bits” we can use to annoy our spouses.

Music is also a great way to drive your partner absolutely batshit bonkers.

And some folks have clearly mastered the art of relationship trolling. Take notes, y’all.

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So be careful what you include in your marriage vows.

Then again… some things never get old.

Of course, there’s always that one dude whose “bit” isn’t even that funny but just annoying.

When all else fails, there’s always dad jokes.

When you tire of driving your spouse to the brink of madness, there’s always the kids.

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