Celebs Read Books To Your Kids To Help Children In Need

by Madison Vanderberg
Celebs Are Using #SaveWithStories To Help Raise Money For Kids Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Celebs are reading books to your kids to help feed children in need during the school closures

Since the pandemic began, many individuals — like the Obamas — and organizations — like Sesame Street — have stepped up to virtually entertain our nation’s youth who are out of school and stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since mid-March, a number of celebs have been lending their famous voices by reading bedtime stories on Instagram, which is an awesome helping hand for parents who are stretched thin at the moment, but not only that — these star-studded virtual storytelling sessions are also raising money to feed kids who rely on school for food and might be struggling during the school closures.

Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams were the first two celebs to join forces with the charities Save The Children and No Kid Hungry to launch “Save With Stories,” which aims to ensure that the thirty million children around the world who rely on school for food, don’t go hungry. The hope is that as parents and kids tune in to hear the virtual story time sessions, they’ll also donate to Save With Stories.

So far, dozens of celebs have participated. Literally, name a celeb and they’ve probably read a story. Lin Manuel Miranda? Yep. Jon Hamm? He’s in there too.

To name a few more, Ellen Degeneres hilariously read from her design book Ellen Degeneres Home, Jeff Goldblum read the Dr. Seuss classic Horton Hears a Who, and our girl Mindy Kaling read Little Red Riding Hood.

Today’s story time comes from author Roxane Gay, who read the new body-positive storybook written by the inclusive clothing brand Universal Standard.

The book — What Would Fashion Look Like if it Included All of Us? — tells the story of a “world where everyone is kind and accepting,” and the brand hopes the story will help “dismantle stereotypes of beauty and let future generations redefine how they see the world — and themselves in it.”

Universal Thread

Head to the Save With Stories website to donate to the cause or to make a one time gift of $10, text SAVE to 20222. Your kids listen to a story while another child gets access to a healthy meal — it’s a win, win all around.