Every 'Saved By The Bell' Fan Needs This Nostalgic Merch

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You need all of this ‘Saved by the Bell’ gear immediately

Saved by the Bell is one of the most classic teen shows to come out of the ’90s, and lucky for us older millennials who grew up loving it, SBTB merch is totally a thing. If you still have the theme song in your head at least once a week and will forever think Kelly Kapowski’s the coolest girl in school, then we have some fun stuff in store for you. Fasten your neon scrunchie — we have so much nostalgic ground to cover.

Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection (DVD)

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No true Bayside fan can be without every single episode of the beloved show on DVD. How else to track all of those rad outfits and Zack and Kelly breakups/makeups?

Saved by the Bell Belding Group T-Shirt

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OK, so there’s tons of amazing SBTB T-shirts out there, but you need to start off with a classic featuring the whole gang.

Bayside Tigers T-Shirt

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Then, you can graduate to this absolute essential that no Tigers fan can be without.

Zack Morris Phone T-Shirt

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As we scroll the day away on our fancy smartphones, it helps to remember our roots — and who started our obsession with having a cell phone in the first place. That’s why any bonafide Bell connoisseur needs this Zack Morris T-shirt featuring the schemer holding his ridiculously huge brick phone.

Jessie Spano T-Shirt

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Last T-shirt, I promise. If you’re of a certain age (ahem — 37ish) then your first brush with learning about the dangers of drugs was probably Jessie Spano’s spectacular, caffeine pill-fueled meltdown resulting in her collapsing in Zack’s arms while repeating the iconic line, “I’m so excited..I’m so…SCARED.” This amazing T-shirt hilariously commemorates the classic scene no Old Millennial will ever forget.

Funko Pop! Jessie Spano Figure

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Speaking of Stanford’s (well, actually, Columbia’s) finest, this Funko Pop! Jessie Spano doll is a must for any serious SBTB collector. The brand has the entire crew, so you can buy them all and act out scenes from the show while at your desk at work. Just me planning on doing that? Cool, cool.

Saved by the Bell Towel

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Show off your love for Zack, Kelly, Slater, and the rest of the gang by hitting the community pool with this Saved by the Bell towel.

Saved by the Bell Calendar

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Be inspired by your fave ’90s teens 365 days a year with a Saved by the Bell calendar. It can provide daily ’90s fashion advice along with telling you what day it is — priceless.

Bayside Tigers Off-the-Shoulder Sweatshirt

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OK, so I fibbed a little bit about being done showing you shirts but this is a sweatshirt, not a T-shirt, and a total wardrobe essential if you saw the Zack and Kelly’s Prom episode. If you didn’t, then go right now, don’t wait another minute. This is the off-the-shoulder Tigers sweatshirt Kelly wore when Zack took her to their very own “prom” outside the gym (while Jessie and Slater belted out a ballad for the ages) and no Bayside fan’s closet is complete without it.

Bayside Cheerleader Uniform

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If you’re looking to mortify your tween at Halloween this year (slowly raises hand) or just feel like owning a legit piece of ’90s nostalgia, this Bayside cheerleader uniform is a complete must. Channel your inner Kelly Kapowski and root super loud for those Tigers.

There. Now you’re all suited up in Bayside’s finest and ready to binge-watch the best show ever. Come at me.

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