Here Are All The Reasons You Should Say YES To Your Kids For A Day

Here Are All The Reasons You Should Say YES To Your Kids For A Day

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Sponsored by Cinnamon Toast Crunch

When you become a mom, it’s almost like you’ve signed yourself up as member of the fraternal order of the bummer police. At least that’s what our kids think. And, look, from their perspective they’re not exactly wrong — with our strict bedtime enforcement, teeth-brushing insistence, hand-wash micromanaging, and bulldozer room cleaning — we are, in fact, total bummers. We, as my daughter recently said, “Suck the fun out of everything.”

Harsh, kiddo, way harsh.

So in a shocking move my daughter never saw coming, our family took the “Yes to Crazy” Challenge. For a full 24 hours, we decided to embrace our crazy, quirky selves and spend the day saying “yes” as a family instead of “no.” Want ice cream for breakfast? Go for it! Oh, you want to wear the tiara and the cape and the cowboy boots to the park? Let’s do it! Pet kittens, you say? Lucky for you we live near an animal shelter! Didn’t brush your teeth? Today you get to roll with it — just breathe far away from me. And a family dance party is a thing you want do? Let’s get started on that playlist right now, and of course, I’m super proud of myself that I bought that miniature disco ball three years ago because it’s finally going to serve a purpose. YAY, winning!

My kid couldn’t believe her good fortune. Had her mom and dad been parent-napped in some kind of invasion-of-the-body-snatchers situation? Nope, we just got super-bored with ourselves and the rules and regs we’d established. Once the day ended and the kittens had been loved and the ice cream had been eaten and the tiara sparkled at the park, we felt satisfied like one does after listening to a Bruno Mars song.

Fun-suckers we were no more!

A “yes” day for your family doesn’t have to be an extravagant day or even one that’s heavy on to-dos and experiences. Heck, we went to an animal shelter and ate cereal for dinner. A “yes” day is exactly what it sounds like: saying “yes” more than you say “no.” And in this small way, it’s an absolutely thrilling day of possibilities. Here are some ideas on how your family can take the “Yes to Crazy” Challenge.

Kick Off Saying Yes The Night Before With No Official Bedtime

This flies against every parenting rule and costs exactly zero dollars. Sure, there’s probably going to be a meltdown in your future, but nap it out — family nap time is a gift from above.

Talk To Your Child About What They Want To Say “Yes” To As A Family

Rarely do we let our kids lead the way. One time, I let my daughter and her friend pick their own snacks in the grocery store, setting a dollar limit on what they could buy, and you’d have thought I’d given them ALL the power in the world. Ask your child, “What do you want to do together?” and within reason, try and make it happen. You’ll be shocked at how thoughtful and heartwarming they can be when given the opportunity to lead the way.

Hygiene, Is That Even A Thing? Today It’s Not

One of the most contentious triggers between parents and kids is hygiene. Did you wash your hands? Brush your teeth? Let me wipe that off your face. Change your shirt, there’s a stain. But today, just let your kids be gross. You’ll knock out 75% of “no”s right there.

Take It Next Level By Having Cinnamon Toast Crunch For Dinner

C’mon, you know that cereal for dinner is the BEST THING EVER. It’s pretty ageless. From 5 to 75, everyone gets down on cereal for dinner. It’s peak doing what you want; there are no rules, hashtag BESTLIFE. Wanna be extra? You can make these Cinnamon Toast Crunch marshmallow treats.

The Magical Place With The Castle Is Out, But How About Unicorn Balloons?

Give a kid a mile, and they’ll take a hundred. We get it, so some upfront guidelines are key. The Magic Castle place is out, but we can do unicorn balloons and, yes, that sparkly ensemble can be worn whenever and however long. Pro tip: Remove all glitter from your house beforehand because glitter is a hard-and-fast no, always. It’s the devil’s dandruff.

All We Want To Do Is Dance Because Our Kid Asked For It

Nothing gets our family more pumped and in a joyful mode than dancing, and dancing badly. I break out “The Hammer,” “The Lawnmower,” all kinds of wack moves. And the more silly we are, the bigger the smiles. We twirl, fall on the floor in can’t-even-breathe hysterics. Family dance parties are the best.

Today, Screen Limits Are A Thing For Chumps, So Pillow Fort And TV It Is

Speaks for itself, doesn’t it? A cartoon pink pig marathon? Yes, please. Crime-fighting pajama-masked crusaders? We only have time for it! Now, let’s throw in an epic pillow fort, our own pajamas, and let’s get super-comfortable with our messy hair, unbrushed teeth, and cereal for dinner. What a time to be alive!

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