A 'Schitt's Creek' Rose Apothecary Pop-Up Store Has Opened In New York

by Leah Groth
Schitt's Creek
Pop TV

Beekman 1802 has transformed into Rose Apothecary from ‘Schitt’s Creek’ until the end of February

Most epic television series feature one, truly iconic location that fans fantasize about visiting. On Friends, it was Central Perk, and on Gilmore Girls, Luke’s. If you are a Schitt’s Creek fan, you have, undoubtably, had a moment when you thought to yourself: Gee, I would love to shop at Rose Apothecary, the super chic, minimalist home goods store run by David and his (both romantic and business) partner, Patrick. Well, get ready for a road trip to Upstate New York, because there is a pop-up Rose Apothecary — and, yes, you can shop it!

Beekman 1802 Mercantile in Sharon Springs, New York, run by the stars of the reality show The Fabulous Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, are hosting fans of the hit series, which will kick-off its sixth and final season on Canada’s PopTV on Jan. 7 before heading to Netflix in the fall.

“Visit the only Rose Apothecary in the world!” they wrote on Facebook.

In the Facebook post, the store owners revealed that they will be releasing an exclusive Rose Apothecary collection of products, which will launch just in time for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully there will be a great lip balm in the mix — but maybe not a cat hair scarf, because, ew. No word yet on if the store will be hosting an open mic night, but we can certainly fantasize.

Even without officially transforming itself into a Schitt’s Creek-inspired wonderland, the Beekman Boys’ “world famous store in the middle of nowhere” is basically the Rose Apothecary anyway. The retail space, which looks like a totally adorable house, sells goods, like goat milk skin care products and artisanal cheeses, and a DIY apothecary kit. Did we mention there are goats? It’s totally possible that this store served as inspiration for David to open his own store in the fictional town of Schitt’s Creek, where he moves with his eccentric family in the riches-to-rags binge-worthy Netflix comedy series.

In December, fans flocked to Chelsea in New York City, for another Schitt’s Creek pop-up that offered several replicas of the show’s most featured locales, including Cafe Tropicale, The Rosebud Motel (complete with Moira’s wig wall), and Rose Apothecary, of course.



If you want to get a selfie in front of Rose Apothecary, make sure to get up to Sharon Springs before the end of February. And remember, we so “love that journey for you,” as Alexis would say.