Dad Builds Detail-Filled 'Schitt's Creek' With His Son's Toys

by Madison Vanderberg
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Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Cool dad builds tiny Schitt’s Creek using his son’s toys

When the world hands you lemons (a pandemic), you make lemonade (spending your free time making epic Schitt’s Creek fan art), or at least that’s what one Nanaimo dad did. Todd Cameron, dad to three-year-old Jack, recently unveiled a perfect replica of the town of Schitt’s Creek using his own vintage toys and that of his son. The result is pure joy.

“My (almost) 3-year-old loves toys and I love Schitt’s Creek and so I used 5 months worth of spare time to renovate my vintage toy collection into my favourite town,” Cameron shared in a Facebook post.

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Lots of people have made replicas of the iconic and faux Canadian town over the years, but none quite as precious as this.

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Ever wondered what David Rose and his apothecary would look like as a Fisher-Price creation? Now you don’t have to!

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

Look at the family hanging out in their Rosebud motel room. He even included Moira’s wig collection.

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

There is so much detail, wherever you look.

He even recreated Mutt’s barn party! So cute!


“In the upcoming years, [my son] Jack will learn many valuable lessons such as how to fold in the cheese and that a man having a husband is nothing out of the ordinary,” the very cool dad shared on Facebook. “Won’t you join me for a little stroll through the slice of paradise I like to call the town where I currently am?”

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

The thing is, Cameron is a prolific creator of Schitt’s Creek fan art, something he tells us helped him pass the time during the pandemic when his job as a wedding Dj came to a halt. “I made a stop motion ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ music video last year and Dan Levy called it a masterpiece and Annie Murphy loved it, which was huge for me,” he tells Scary Mommy.

“Then I formed a Schitt’s Creek tribute band and released a song,” Cameron tells us. “I’ve done many Schitt’s Creek tribute videos as well. It’s all been helping to keep my spirits up during this time of uncertainty.”

With the new toy town, Cameron tells us that “not only have I found a way to incorporate Schitt’s Creek into my playtime with my son but it will also be a great way to normalize LGBTQ relationships early on.”

But perhaps the most ironic and most Schitt’s Creek-y thing about this is that, as Cameron puts it, “I also just realized that I, a father, just gifted the town of Schitt’s Creek to my son. Kind of a fun parallel to the show.”

Love it.

Courtesy of Todd Cameron

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