Some Hero Pranked A Local School Board Meeting Bart Simpson-Style

by Valerie Williams
Henrico Citizen/Getty

Someone pranked a local school board by sending in a list of fake public commenters a la Bart Simpson calling Moe’s Tavern

Local school board meetings were once a perfunctory monthly snooze-fest in most American towns. Sure there might’ve been some spicy moments here and there, but overall, they were just meetings to discuss what needs to be done (or not done) in order to keep a school district up and running.

In a COVID world, school board meetings are another thing entirely with angry parents on both sides arguing for or against masks, distancing, and other mitigation measures. Toss in an angry, uninformed rant about CRT, and there you have it. Thankfully, some heroic soul decided to give us a break from that horror show and make us laugh — by sending their school board a list of would-be public commenters with fake names that when said out loud, sound pretty dirty.

You know how on The Simpsons Bart prank calls Moe’s Tavern and gives the name of a fake person he’s trying to get ahold of? The name is always ridiculous and embarrassing when said out loud and poor Moe never seems to catch on until it’s too late. Welp. That happened the other night at a meeting for the Henrico School Board in Virginia — and this poor guy really did just keep reading those nutty names without realizing what was going on.

Board member Roscoe D. Cooper III dutifully reads each nonsense name twice to give the person a chance to walk to the podium. “Phil McKraken? Phil McKraken?” He continues in the otherwise silent room, oblivious, reading off names including: Suk Mahdik, Ophelia McCaulk, Eileen Dover, Don Kedick, and Wayne Kuhr. LOL. Bless him, he just kept on reading one fake vulgar name after another, apparently not realizing the Board had been had. And if you read those names and wondered what the problem was — try reading them out loud.

It doesn’t appear that the person or persons responsible for the prank have been named, but I’m going to hope it was a group of kids trying to help us adults feel a brief flash of joy amid what’s already a pretty fraught school year. With several states actively working to prevent schools from mandating masks and kids already becoming sick or being quarantined left and right, we needed some levity. This wonderful stranger(s) decided to briefly pull us out of our dystopian hell-scape and give us something to laugh at for once. I for one am very grateful.