School Is In Session: 5 Lunches I'm Eating ALONE

by Tamarah Rockwood for Ravishly

I have not been alone for the past 12 years.

Between my kids, my pets and my active imagination, I always have someone touching me, walking into me, or talking to me.

But in one week . . . everything changes.

In one week, school starts and my kids will be in a classroom.

Now, this might be a common thing for most parents. You could even say that although it is “exciting,” it is not “mind-blowingly exciting.”


It is mind-blowingly exciting for me because I have been exclusively homeschooling for eight years, and we have never done this before. Ever.

Granted, we are going to a homeschooling school (apparently this is a thing?), so my kids will only be in a classroom for a couple days a week, and we will continue to homeschool for the rest of the week. They will be in their classrooms with other kids who also homeschooled, so they will be among peers who understand what it feels like to do all of your schoolwork in princess dresses and snorkels (I’m not saying this happens a lot. I’m just saying it has happened).

On one hand, I am mind-blowingly excited for the kids, because this is going to be such a great, new experience for them and they are going to love it!

On the other hand, I am crazy excited for me.

What am I going to do by myself? I will have hours — HOURS — alone. This is almost like rediscovering the wheel. How does it work again?

Since I have already finished the next few weeks of meal planning for the kids, I decided I needed to do some meal planning for me.


OMG, I could eat lunch at a diner . . . without also being given a coloring sheet with crayons. I could eat a whole meal by myself. I can play on my phone without having to share it! Bonus: No kids menus required.

2. Eating In.

OR I could stay at home and make any food that I actually like! Like baked garlic brussels sprouts with spiced sauerkraut, with a side of gluten-free pumpernickel and some thin slices of roast beef with provolone. Blessed be the sandwich.

3. Picnic for One!

Could you imagine what it would be like to bring a book to the park and actually read it? Like, the words. I love this idea. So much.

4. The Pub, My Friend!

Ooh, what if I went to the pub and watched some random soccer game on the screen behind the bar, just munching on lettuce-wrapped lamb burgers and steak fries? Side of Sam Adams? Don’t mind if I do.

5. Lunch in Bed.

Maybe I could finally finish an entire episode of Dexter with my own bag of Doritos and Stewart’s Orange Creme soda.

I like this idea. These back-to-school lone lunches are going to be sublime.

This post first appeared on Ravishly.

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