Two Kid Actors From 'School Of Rock' Are Dating IRL And Yes, Just Yes

by Madison Vanderberg

Two child-stars from School of Rock are dating now as adults and the internet can’t handle it

Back in 2003, a little film called School of Rock swept the nation. In it, Jack Black played a struggling rockstar named Dewey Finn who takes a job as a substitute teacher at a private school and teaches the kids about the power of music as they form their own rock band. The movie still holds up thanks to the stellar musical performances by Black and the kids in the cast, and apparently, the relationships between the child-stars in the movie have held up too, because two of the kid actors in Black’s onscreen band are dating in real life.

According to an extremely in-depth TikTok deep-dive, it has been revealed that former child stars and School of Rock rockers, Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli, are a real-life couple and have been since 2018. In the movie they played Marta and Frankie, respectively, and though both have left Hollywood behind for nobler pursuits, they apparently stayed in touch.

Marta, if you remember, was one of Finn’s three backup singers.

Paramount Pictures

And that’s Frankie, in the back, who acted as the band’s “security” at their faux rock concerts.

Currently the internet is, how do I say this, losing their goddamn minds over the news.

“Found out marta and frankie from school of rock are dating irl now and i have not been able to think of anything else since,” wrote one Twitter fan. “TRUE LOVE EXISTS BUT ONLY FOR THE CAST OF SCHOOL OF ROCK,” said another.

The news is true! Massagli and Hale seemed to be a rock-solid couple who now live together in New York.

According to Popsugar, Hale is an OBGYN ultrasound technologist and Massagli recently graduated from law school.

Can you imagine the vows at their future wedding? “I’m so glad I met you when we were 12 on the set of School of Rock with movie star Jack Black…” Like, what a trip, right?

As for their newfound virality, the couple — who seem to be thriving in their New York lives away from the limelight — addressed their relationship status, and subsequent internet freakout, with a sweet social media snap.

Angelo Massagli Instagram

“It was fun being social media’s couple for the day,” Massagli shared in an Instagram Story. “For those about to TikTok, we salute you.”

All this talk of School of Rock has got me thinking… where is that long overdue School of Rock sequel we were promised?? Jack Black? Care to comment?