Schools Are Using Drake's 'In My Feelings' To Get Kids To Read And It's Adorable

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter/Busbee Elementary

Teachers rewriting “In My Feelings” to promote reading: “How do you do, fellow kids?”

Look, relating to kids as an adult can be hard.

Kids, especially in the age of the internet meme, pretty much speak their own language, and most of it may as well be gibberish as far as we Olds are concerned. But one trend of The Youths™ transcended age groups this summer, and that was Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

It’s a real bop. Everyone knows the words. Most people even know the dance.

And now teachers are giving “In My Feelings” a back-to-school remix and using it both to encourage kids to read, and to make themselves seem all hip and relatable. And hoo boy, it’s adorkable perfection.

Teachers are so perfect and wholesome, honestly. Please don’t ever change.

The fact that not even just one teacher did this, but a bunch of them all over the country, is just so good and pure. They’re doing their absolute best to appeal to those ever-confusing kids, and their efforts are total gold.

We can just imagine the thought process behind all these bulletin boards: “What are the kids into? The rap music, of course. But how do we use that to show them how cool we are?”

And with that, the “In My Feelings” reading remix was born. What a time to be alive.

We can only imagine what comes next for this trend. I personally hope to see middle school choirs and orchestras performing Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Any music teachers reading? Please make that a thing. I promise, it’ll make you look so cool to your youthful students, and maybe also very dorky but it a good way, you know?

Just please make sure to post it to YouTube for the enjoyment of the world.