5 Ways Sea Lion Pups Are Just Like Toddlers

by Scary Mommy
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A few months ago, a sea lion pup made news after slipping into an upscale restaurant in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego and taking a seat in one of the booths.

Animal experts rescued the adorable pup and brought her to safety, but the behavior seemed quite familiar to mothers everywhere. Who else would have the audacity to barge into a restaurant run by a different species and expect to be fed? Toddlers, of course. And the similarities don’t end there; it turns out sea lion pups and our own toddlers have quite a bit in common:

1. They will sleep anywhere and everywhere.

2. They are masterful funny face makers.

3. They have zero concept of personal space.

4. They are absolute sand magnets.

5. They will melt your heart with one glance.

See? Sea lion pups and toddlers. Same thing…almost.

You totally want to trade your toddler in for a sea lion pup now, right? (Or is it just me?!) Sorry, we can’t help you there. But you can pay some pups a visit at Georgia Aquarium. To commemorate 10 years as one of the top tourist destinations in the Southeast, Georgia Aquarium has launched a new dolphin presentation and added the SunTrust Pier 225, an amazing new gallery featuring the California sea lions. You and your own little pups are sure to love it! Learn more here.

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