The Latest Full-Length 'Frozen 2' Trailer Is Here!

by Sarah Bregel

It looks like “Frozen 2” will definitely be worth the wait

Disney just released the second full-length trailer for Frozen 2 and even though there’s been tons of anticipation over this film from Frozen fans, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappoint. By the looks of the clip, this sequel might be even more action-packed than the first. But in typical Disney-fashion, it will likely be full of heart, too.

In the trailer, we see a young Anna and Elsa listening to their father tell a tale about a magical forest which no one can get out of. Then, it flashes forward to present time when a storm disrupts life in Arendelle. The family is forced to leave their home and go on an epic adventure. We see them approaching a magical forest, just like was foreshadowed in the tale.

The trailer is really exciting, but it’s also really beautifully done. Take a look.

We can’t predict just what will happen, but from the looks of things, it seems like Anna and Elsa will have to work together, like they learned to do in the first film as they embraced their sisterly love to thaw the frozen lands.

This time, Elsa hears a voice calling to her — but who is it? What do they want? Chances are, she’ll have to harness her powers again. Of course, Anna will he there to help her. “You can’t follow me into fire!” Elsa tells Anna in the clip. “Then don’t run into fire,” Anna tells her.

Surely, sisterly love will prevail. But we’ll have to catch the film ourselves to find out just how it pans out. Not that the little ones would let us off the hook anyway. They’ve been waiting a long time for this sequel to arrive. And it’s almost here.

It’s no wonder people are pumped. Clearly, they haven’t let go of the Frozen obsession.

While the full cast is back — yes, Olaf must’ve refrozen somehow — there are also some new characters. Sterling K. Brown and Evan Rachel Wood are both in the movie and word is they’ll be singing, too. So get ready to have a whole new slew of Disney songs stuck in your head until next winter.

Thankfully, no one has to wait much longer to catch Frozen 2 in theaters. It arrives November 22nd, so mark that down on your calendar. It’s definitely going to be one not to miss. And chances are, it’ll melt our hearts once more.