The Pandemic Forced Her To Cancel Her Wedding – Now She's Selling It On TikTok

by Colleen Dilthey Thomas
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There was a time when TikTok was just a place to watch funny clips of girls singing and dancing to their favorite songs. But things have evolved. You can now find recipes, beauty tips and links to amazing products. We’ve all seen the TikTok leggings. You know, the ones that promise you a dazzling derriere. Women have gone crazy purchasing these leggings and posting videos of their own showing off dramatic results. But it doesn’t stop at a beautiful behind.

TikTok is the place to list just about anything. From homes, to cars, to dog breeders peddling pooches, you can find it on the wildly popular social media site. But one New York woman has made the ultimate plea for a buyer on TikTok. She is selling her wedding. That’s right: For only $15,000 a New York City couple can walk right into a fully booked and pre-planned wedding of their dreams. Mackenzie Newcomb is the genius behind this suddenly-viral idea.

Due to the pandemic, Newcomb and her now-husband decided to forgo their wedding that was planned for September 18, 2021 and have a small, intimate ceremony in her grandparents’ backyard in Massachusetts. Despite the fact that they already got hitched, there is still the matter of a planned wedding, and thousands of dollars in deposits, now without a bride and a groom. Unsure of how to handle the financial loss, Newcomb took to Tik Tok to sell a premade wedding package.

In a now viral TikTok video, that has more than 163,000 views, Newcomb laid out the details. The wedding is available to a New York City Couple looking for a budget-friendly Brooklyn wedding. The wedding includes 80 guests, food, drinks, flowers, a photographer and DJ. Newcomb is careful to point out that she chose vendors that attracted her. She wanted the photographer because he specifically said on his website that he is LGBTQ friendly and she loved her DJ service because they are all women. “And they agreed not to play any problematic men,” she said in the video. She is also willing to throw in her dress, if the bride is the same size.

In a follow up video, Newcomb made it clear that while she is selling a package deal, she cannot guarantee the number of guests who will be allowed at the wedding due to COVID-19 restrictions. If they are in place, the venue will have to move down to 50% capacity and no DJ will be allowed. She said that she is not Fauci and has no control over what will be happening in September 2021, so buyers need to beware.

Newcomb said that she originally paid between $22k and $23k dollars for the wedding, but is hoping to recoup $15k. And while she would like the entire purchase price up front, she is open to installment plans. After getting the vendors’ approval, the search for the perfect couple began. She has narrowed the selections down and is currently choosing whom she deems to be the perfect couple to take over her wedding-in-a-box.

When asked about taking a financial hit on the big day, Newcomb told USA Today, “Honestly, I don’t mind the money lost. I’m happy another couple can enjoy their wedding day in the same way we enjoyed ours in Massachusetts.”

In a third TikTok video, she said that many couples reached out to her via social media and she responded with an email outlining all of the important wedding details along with a survey to get to know the couples a little bit better. She said that she wants to feel a connection and to hear about their love story. Above all, the couple had to be interesting and they must agree to post a TikTok of the day. In addition, the happy couple must pay tax and tips that are due on the wedding day, which have not been factored into the package price, approximately $3,800.

Newcomb also posted that there have been a lot of questions about whether she will be attending the wedding that she so carefully planned. She said, no, it is pretty cut and dry. This is strictly a business transaction and, “I’m just trying to get my coin and make a couple happy.”

The pandemic has changed her, and she said that she is not the person who was planning this wedding in September 2019. A private, small wedding was perfect for her and now she is just happy that she can offer this amazing deal to another couple.

“Our lives couldn’t be more different. So this wedding, it really felt like somebody else’s,” she said in the USA Today interview.

When Scary Mommy reached out to Newcomb to see if the winning couple had been chosen, she said that the venue has asked that she not do any more press.

It remains to be seen who the lucky bidders are, but per the stipulations, a TikTok of the event will be posted. We can’t wait to see it!

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