Selma Blair Posts Touching Video How Mobility Aids Help Her Parent With MS

by Leah Groth
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Selma Blair’s son, Arthur, is her true co-pilot in this video

Since revealing her multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in October, Selma Blair has been chronicling her health journey on social media in the most honest and poignant manner. She has shared all the highs and lows of her illness — how it complicates daily duties such as doing her hair and makeup, that her body doesn’t work the same way, the impact it’s had on her son, Arthur, and the mental struggles she is experiencing as a result.

Recently, she revealed that a new contraption — the Alinker walking bike —has been a game-changer for her. And, in a new video, with her son hitched to the front, she takes us on another beautiful emotional ride, explaining what makes it so meaningful.


In the video she explains that her son, Arthur, is “hitching a ride on my life” — a reference to her Alinker.

“Today was tough. I couldn’t get out,” she wrote in a post accompanying the video. She explained that the previous day, was a lot better. “My son hitched a ride and we had a perfect day.” She continued to explain how she wished everyone in need could experience the mobility aid — which starts at around $2,000 — as it has helped her tremendously. “It keeps me going right now thinking peoples’ lives are changing for the better,” she added.

Obviously, her condition isn’t something she planned for, but Blair is making the best out of it. “I didn’t think I would be in this state of health with a young kid. I didn’t think I would ever need a cane or wheelchair or mobility aid until well into old age. But here we are,” she continued. However, the fact that she is able to get around with the aid of the bike, is keeping her spirits up. “I am happy,” she revealed. “I wish I could ride and compete and carry my son and work right now but the work on myself takes precedent.” She added that the Alinker is her “lifeline to outside. And that is joy.”

Earlier in the week she shared another intimate photo of herself and her son, embracing while she was on her bike. She explained that despite the pain she was experiencing, she was grateful for those supporting her. “I am comforted by those on this journey with me,” she wrote, “there is abundance in the giving. All blessings already are. I like to think not one soul will be lost. I have the most beautiful part of my life right here. I am humbled and I hold it dear. Breathe it in. That is my proof.” Yep, motherhood truly is the best.

Blair’s son has definitely been her co-pilot since her diagnosis. But while she loves him to death, and is obviously a superhero mom, she has also admit that her condition makes it quite difficult to parent.


We so appreciate Selma Blair’s transparency on her medical journey. Not only is her openness and honesty likely very cathartic for her, but she is also helping so many other people who are struggling with chronic illness.

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