Selma Blair Let Her 7-Year-Old Son Help Shave Her Head

by Leah Groth
Selma Blair/Instagram

The actress, who has been open in her experience with MS, got a helping hand from her 7-year-old son Arthur

Selma Blair has been very honest about her multiple sclerosis (MS) struggles since revealing her diagnosis in October. She has shared all the highs and lows of her illness, opening up about everything from how it makes daily duties — like applying makeup and parenting — a little bit harder, to the mental struggles that come alongside living with a chronic illness.

Luckily, Blair isn’t battling MS alone. One of her biggest supports has been her adorable seven-year-old son Arthur, who appears in many of her social media posts. This week, the actress gave us a glimpse into one of their more intimate moments, and it literally gave us the chills.

In the moving Instagram image, Blair’s beloved little boy stands over her with a pair of clippers, giving his mommy a buzzcut. “Back to my roots,” she captioned the image. “Zen barber who still says butthole whenever given an opportunity. I love him.” Oh, the love!

In case you haven’t noticed Blair’s hair evolution, her beautiful locks have been getting shorter and shorter since her diagnosis. In March she revealed to Vanity Fair that the bob she debuted on the red carpet of their annual Academy Awards party wasn’t just a fashion statement. Her illness had made it hard for her to raise her arms to brush her hair, so the hair choice was a practical one. As Blair continues to treat her MS, it’s also possible that some therapies are causing her hair to fall out or thin.

But let’s be totally honest here. Whether Blair’s hair is long, bobbed or completely shaved bald, she is a prime example of a gorgeous human being — both inside and out. Her transparency and vulnerability throughout her medical journey is helping the world understand just what it is like to live with a chronic condition like MS.

She is also serving as an inspiration to others living with the condition, proving that you don’t have to hide behind your symptoms. For instance, she has made walking with a cane a fierce fashion statement, instead of an item of embarrassment. “I have met so many people on Instagram who have said that they were always ashamed of their cane,” she told Vanity Fair. “You want to still be part of the living, not a shuffling person people get out of the way for because they’re queasy. A cane, I think, can be a great fashion accessory.”

We are so grateful for every single one of Selma Blair’s posts about MS, and we imagine those living with the condition are too. Her openness and honesty is helping to raise awareness and make people feel less alone. She is, in short, one amazingly strong human.