Serena Williams Tweets About Missing Daughter's First Steps: 'I Cried'

by Cassandra Stone
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Serena Williams received an outpouring of support from Twitter moms

Watching your child hit milestones like their first laugh, first words, and first steps bring unexplainable amounts of joy to moms everywhere. But when you’re a working mom, sometimes these milestones happen when you’re not around to witness them — even if you’re Serena Williams, who reveals on Twitter she missed her daughter’s first steps.

Luckily, moms everywhere rallied around the all-star athlete to show support and empathy.

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Williams, who is currently in contention to win her eighth title at Wimbledon, says she missed daughter Olympia’s first steps because she was training.

Almost immediately, fellow moms chimed in with their own stories of missing “firsts” and giving the tennis champ some encouraging words.

This is actually a v. good rule and should just be universal for all moms, all the time.

Others reminded her that there are plenty of “firsts” ahead, and not to forget the impact her talent and hard work will have on Olympia when she’s old enough to realize how renowned her mama is.

Williams has been super candid about parenting little Olympia on social media — from sharing adorable photos on Instagram to crowdsourcing breastfeeding tips on Twitter. So it’s no surprise plenty of fellow moms wanted to share some words of encouragement with her.

Because being a working parent — not to mention a world-class athlete at the top of your game — means making multiple sacrifices. In multiple ways. And sometimes it just plain sucks. But it’s important to remember there will always be plenty of wonderful times and memorable “firsts” to be present for along the way.

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