Elmo Has A New Nighttime Show For Kids With Celeb Guests

by Christina Marfice
Elmo Has A New Nighttime Show For Kids With Celeb Guests
Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street is delivering more prime pandemic content with its new Not-Too-Late Show

While grown-ups are getting a lot of their much-needed laughs from late-night TV shows (filmed and produced virtually from the hosts’ homes, of course), what does that leave kids with? Sure, they have their YouTube videos and daytime shows. But they deserve all the same laughs late-night shows are giving us during this tough time. Enter Sesame Street, and the “Not-Too-Late” Show.

The Not-Too-Late show will be part of Sesame Street’s content that premieres on HBO Max on May 27, and it’s meant to be like a late night show, but just for kids. More importantly, it’s designed to be a part of your kids’ bedtime routine — which will even tackle some of the harder parts of a bedtime routine, like brushing teeth and putting on pajamas — and help kids look forward to a time of the day a lot of them dread and fight.


Elmo will be the show’s host, which seems like a perfect fit for the fuzzy, red monster. In true late show format, he’ll also welcome a ton of special guests and musical performers onto the show, including the Jonas Brothers, John Mulaney, Olivia Wilde, Lil Nas X, Dan + Shay, H.E.R., and Jonathan Van Ness. Elmo will also welcome fellow late-night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Hoda Kotb, John Oliver, and Andy Cohen to help him learn the ropes of hosting this kind of a show.

“When families cuddle, laugh, and engage with each other, these bonding moments provide invaluable opportunities to foster social emotional skills,” Sesame Street spokesperson Dr. Rosemarie Truglio said. “It’s that kind of connection we hope to create with The Not-Too-Late Show.”

While you’re waiting for the Not-Too-Late show to premiere, Sesame Street has been producing tons of content lately that’s been helping kids — and their parents — cope with the coronavirus pandemic and everything that’s scary and uncertain in the world right now. You can check out an interview with Grover on NPR’s Life Kit podcast, where he talks about coping with the mental and emotional stress of missing his friends and feeling sad.

Or there’s the special town hall episode Sesame Street created with CNN, to help parents navigate difficult, pandemic-related topics with their kids.

The Not-Too-Late show premieres May 28 on HBO Max.