Forbes Says Seth Meyers Is The Feminist We Need To Host The Golden Globes

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images/Twitter

Guess all the funny famous womenfolk were unavailable to host the Golden Globes

Let’s start off this post by taking a deep breath for a moment — you probably saw Seth Meyers’ face and name and thought either a.) he’s the latest serial sexual assaulter in Hollywood; or b.) he’s dead. Please rest assured neither of these are true. But according to Forbes magazine, Meyers is just the feminist we need to host the Golden Globes this year.

Because who needs a female feminist host, anyway?

Seth Meyers is, arguably, a talented late-night host. He seems to be a well-respected, fair employer to his women writers. He’s even been a voice of political reason, and is obviously a very funny person. But for whatever reason, Forbes decided to go for the “he’s the feminist hero we all need during this year’s award season.”

It is, at the very least, an odd take.

“The right man for the job.” Oh my God, who approved this content?

The article itself just keeps digging that hole: “But, when taking into account the onslaught of sexual harassment charges reported from Hollywood, Meyers, who has repeatedly proven himself to be a feminist ally, is the perfect person to stand behind the mic.”

Also this: “But along with political commentary, Meyers’ show has provided a platform for women unseen on many other late-night shows. The show’s writing team of 12 includes three women, a ratio that could increase but is still higher than other shows.”

Wow, so heroic.

Can men be feminists? Sure, of course they can. But let’s not pretend prestigious job opportunities are a rarity for privileged white men. While I personally love Seth Meyers, and while who hosts the Golden Globes isn’t something that takes up a lot of mental space in my life, I would have also loved to see literally any female actor or comedian host the show. Leslie Jones, perhaps? Tig Notaro? Samantha Bee? Tiffany Caddish? It’s almost like Forbes maybe shouldn’t have poised Seth Meyers as the feminist hero we all need right now.

You know who else agrees? Literally all of Twitter.


Yes, exactly. No one’s bashing Meyers here — but this is the cringiest of Hot Takes.

With Hollywood in particular proving itself to be a veritable man pit of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment lately, maybe the Hollywood Foreign Press could have used, oh, I don’t know, a non-man to emcee the first big awards show of the season? Just a thought.